can i have some tips for dream witch?

2021.10.27 06:51 flufflybum204 can i have some tips for dream witch?

the title says it all but i want some tips for her because for one i lover her design and for 2 i own 2 really good skins for her one being serpent and the other being tomie (which is ironically my least favorite skin of the 2 despite being more exspesive and rare) anyway any advice would be appreciated
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2021.10.27 06:51 AstranagantBF7k SPOILER ALERT FOR CLOCKWORK. some questions regarding the said mod.

okay so just some questions.
1.) how long will the main quest take if I just want to get the house? like how many hrs?
2.) how scary is it? are there any jumpscares?
3.) can you bring 3 or more followers throughout the ordeal?
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2021.10.27 06:51 KamBam00 Star shaped eyes

Sometimes I look at those same stars that your eyes mimicked so well.
That same lullaby shine that sounded my sleep.
But I wonder.
Was that shine their own?
Or did I just draw light in dimly lit rooms?
Perception removed my ribs and shook my bones.
Love lit moon rocks mistaken for mere stones.
I write to the beat of your heart methodical and unsure.
When I had you I was rich, yet now I’m less poor.
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2021.10.27 06:51 JakeRumble Ranked god border

Hi guys, so I just climbed from 1400 mmr to 2100 in conquest with Sol… won 11 out of 12 games all in ranked… and still haven’t received a god border. Anyone know why this is?
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2021.10.27 06:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Iran's president says cyberattack was meant to create 'disorder' at gas pumps | NPR

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2021.10.27 06:51 Shardonnay89 Allot of De-fi problems in the current market and what is a option to do about it?

Most de-fi projects are made to fail. These projects have the sole purpose of staking coins and then charging another % to the investors . In other words. Buying and selling only costs you money. That way they force you to stick with this one project. Too many coins in circulation causes the value to drop and anonymous inventors to take advantage of the investors. The inventors have sweet talk but in reality they do not deliver to the investors.
I think more coins should be like Sphynx. We know who the inventors are, cheap trading fees because they work on BSC, they created a unique platform as like pancake. In my opinion a good competitor.
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2021.10.27 06:51 Trynna I put all of my ETH into Shib last month... thank fuck

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2021.10.27 06:51 OkDoughnut994 I messed up on my CSU application…

Completely my fault for submitting an application at two in the morning. I’m not even sure how to go about this, but I made two minor errors on my application. I said my parent was a permanent resident of California since birth when they are not. I also selected that I wasn’t apart of a educational program when I was. I didn’t know that it went by a different name. Now I can’t make any changes AT ALL. I’m stressed. What do I do? These are my safeties. Did I ruin my chances of going to college? I’ve only submitted to one school so far.
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2021.10.27 06:51 ahbagelxo Half cut crease and a touch of glitter 💛

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2021.10.27 06:51 A_Clockwork_Monkey Bad Egg

Two things you need to know. Dragons are real. You're in danger.
My name is Jórmond and I need to warn you all.
The last Great Dragon died today. Kiara was 404 years old, crystal blue, and fiercely loyal. What you humans probably don't know is; Great dragons are parthenogenic and when a great dragon gives birth it's only to one egg at a time. They can go decades without reproduction. Kiara had gone her entire life without sireing.
Until a few weeks ago when out of the blue she birthed not one, but three eggs.
One was black and ridged. Spiderwebs of yellow flecked the hard surface. One was the purest blue I had ever seen. It was more dazzling than Kiara out in the sun. And the last, which was the biggest of the three crystal clear. I placed my hand to the side of the eggs and looked at my hand clenching and unclenching through the egg.
I'm all my years and all of Kloin's (my species) teaching, I had never heard of an empty egg. As Kiara's breathing rattled in her lungs and billowed out of her nostrils as she nudged each egg in turn.
"That's it girl. They're your babies. All three."
As she came to press her snout on the last egg, she shifted and snorted like she had been burnt.
"Woo, girl. It's ok." I said, trying to calm the dragon, by rubbing her long neck.
The sounds of cracking pinned off the stone walls of the cave. I shifted my gaze to the eggs, but it wasn't the small two eggs that wobbled and bucked, but the empty egg.
"What in the name…?" I scratched my head, walking over to the eggs. Sure enough, a long jagged crack ran the length of the egg.
It cracked again. Like a ring. The top rocked and fell to the floor. I slammed my hands over my eyes and a deafening screech echoed around the room. Kiara snorted in distress. In horror I watched as something squirmed in the anionic fluid.
I stumbled backwards and feel to the floor as it crawled out and shook off the goo. I couldn't tell where the dragon was. Until I saw the squelch of feet aiming for Kiara.
I was too late as the invisible dragon shot into Kiara and ribbed out her throat. I pushed back up against the cave wall and slid between a crack. I watched from my hiding place as the dragon devoured his mouth, growing with every bite.
Once done, nudged the other eggs and snorted. Blood flecked the floor. I don't know if it wasn't bothered by its siblings as it turned and left the cave. I don't know if they will be able to fight something they can't see. I don't know if you can fight something you can't see. But it's coming, so you better be ready.
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2021.10.27 06:51 Andongis Some very hungry caterpillars came and made instant halloween decor out of my plants 😭😭😭🐛

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2021.10.27 06:51 Quetzal_Dorado Agora vai: Bolsonaro vai a competição de pássaros em extinção

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2021.10.27 06:51 batteryfinds Devil's heart?

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2021.10.27 06:51 zeppe19 Market glitch, I cant buy anything on Ice and desert

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2021.10.27 06:51 corjs [H] Payday 2 Steam Gift (Not Key) [W] TF2 Keys / Offer / CSGO items

Pm if interested
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2021.10.27 06:51 is_aYet I wanna be like Daius, two girls on each of my sides

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2021.10.27 06:51 inchisor Looking for a Stirner meme

Hi everybody, as the title says, i’m looking for a specific Stirner meme.
It was a video, with Stirner sometimes drawn as a catboy. The song playing was « Milkshake »by Kelis (it’s the « my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard » song). It was going around politigram GCs on instagram around april/may 2020, maybe later.
I can’t seem to find it anywhere, so all help will be appreciated.
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2021.10.27 06:51 nanami-773 木下優樹菜さんに40万円賠償命令 タピオカ店長脅迫

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2021.10.27 06:51 ThyroidInferno Graves’s Disease: Messed Up - Excessive Chewing Gum (Phenylalanine)

TL:DR; I have thyroid disease and my gastrointestinal bacteria set up a few RV’s and started a methamphetamine operation.
I messed up and I have an ion war taking place in my body. I promise this is an interesting read.
This isn’t my forte but I have invested endless hours researching, to obtain this understanding, which is likely flawed. Thus, I seek your help.
I was prescribed Hydrocortisone for an unidentified case of dermatitis. That put me in a mild state of immunosuppression. Given my thyroid medication, I assume it was compounded.
I was also prescribed Ketoconazole for the same condition. have learned that was a poor choice considering my disease. It results in the following issues; hypokalemia, hypocalcemia, hypoglycemia, and dyslipidemia.
It is well documented that fungal infections, most notably mucocutaneous Candida. I definitely was in a hypothyroid state, confirmation of that later.
I suspect I may have an oral Candida infection. I have a dental appointment, and assume my dentist will comment if so. That was not the case. I have dry mouth, likely from the Candida, and was told to chew sugar free gum throughout that day.
I saw some improvements the first couple of days, on saliva production and recession of the suspected Candida. I was feeling better. I wasn’t sure I was hypothyroid at this point. I just felt off.
Things take a turn for the worse over the next 6 weeks. I am completely unaware that the warning of phenylalanine applies to me. This converts to thyrosine, the precursor to thyroxine, which stimulates thyroid hormone production. To add to that, I’m allergic to sorbitol, a frequent ingredient in the chewing gum.
My mouth just starts to burn immensely after the first week. This is extreme burn. I can’t speak, and that makes my position at work difficult to perform. I am expected to lead many meetings. I make up so many excuses why I can’t lead these meetings.
I stop eating because of the pain. I develop gingivitis about 3 weeks into this. I go back to my dentist. This guy completely dismisses me. I try to resolve the burn by consuming more gum.
I am flying of the handle. This stuff has me flying fast. I start breaking out in skin rashes. My gingivitis comes and goes. I feel maniac. I haven’t eaten or had a bowel movement in weeks.
I start having all sorts of strange medical issues. I developed bilateral varicoceles. That isn’t common. While at that urology appointment, my stick of gum disintegrates. Then piece after piece the same thing. Even on a new pack.
I am now thinking my saliva must be acidic. Some of these small pieces get lodged between a couple molars. On the drive home, those areas are flaming hot. I now realize it’s the chewing gum.
Things settle down after discontinuing it, but anytime I brush my teeth, this gingivitis pops back up for a few hours. I consult with another dentist. They confirm it isn’t an active gum disease and is inflammatory.
I identify anytime I put a polyol in my mouth, such as brushing my teeth, things get wild in there. The burning is back full force and the sloughing of my gingiva appears.
I allergic to blackberries. I soon realize that’s sorbitol and fructose. My life of tingling mouth makes sense. I research the warning of phenylalanine.
I was flying off the handle on gastrointestinal bacterial manufactured methamphetamine. That is really bad for my adrenal glands. They were already destined to fail.
I have been feeling like death. I can barely stay awake. More strange issues are appearing. This oral burning pain prompts me to check my glucose. I brush my teeth, with a sorbitol free brand, and 5 minutes later, I drop for 125 to 55.
I was in a hypoglycemic state for so long. I literally thought I could die several times. My teeth go from beautiful white to waxy yellow. I’m thinking I’m hypercalcemic. This isn’t good. I have had bone cancer before this.
I am sleeping 18 hours a day. I can barely drive. I fall asleep talking.
I lost my sense of taste and smell to cancer. I suddenly can smell musk and ammonia. I taste salt. I’m puzzled.
I start gargling obscene amount of iodized salt and potassium water. I eat at least 25x the recommended sodium intake. I do this for a couple days. My mouth is better and I can stay awake.
I called my endocrinologist. They aren’t concerned. I’m pissed. I get my own labs done. My sodium is in range. My potassium lowest end of normal. My calcium highest point of normal.
If I could have dragged my dying self there earlier, I would have loved to see the labs. On top of that, my TSH level doubled in one month, even after all that phenylalanine and iodine. That anti-fungal must have really sent me into a hypothyroid state.
This is where I need help. My Polyol Pathway is fried. Any sweetener is setting my mouth off. I was given a prescription for an oral anti-fungal, and it has sorbitol. I use it and it sucks, but it works for 2 days and I’m back to square one.
I have to be careful with this stuff. I don’t want to die from an electrolyte imbalance. I could go to the ER. I would 100% pop for methamphetamine. That’s not good for me, even with this legitimate story.
I have been drinking reverse osmosis water infused with calcium. I just realized today my mouth burns because of that. I have an appointment Monday. I expect some action plan.
Clearing this overgrowth is going to be a challenge. Likely, even a little life threatening.
I just started eating again. I eat only turkey and quinoa. That is it.
Who knows I maybe a diabetic with adrenal insufficiency. I literally just started having bowel movements again after 3 weeks. It was gnarly. There is definitely some collateral damage. I had zero laxative effects from this combo.

This was a serious mistake. I’d like to blame my medical professionals, but it is on me.
Wish me luck. I’m brushing my teeth, except this time with salt water.
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2021.10.27 06:51 SGEM_Blockchaingame Invite Challenge Starts! Win Invitation Codes Now

SGEM will launch Global Genesis closed beta in MID-NOVEMBER! What’s more, here comes another big thing today! The rules of the first invitation code distribution has been locked down and start officially from now on!
Time: October 25th - November 7th 23:59 UTC Contents: During the event, players who share their invitation link and invite at least 3 valid friends to join our discord server in total will receive an invitation code on November 8th. That means they get the chance to become the first players and join the pre-sale to be coming soon. But only if the invitee is still in the community on November 7 will they count as 1 valid friend.
Welcome everyone to join SGEM through the invitation link. Let's create a relaxed and active community atmosphere and to experience the Play to Earn 2.0 SGEM game!
How to invite people to Discord? 1️ Click the server name of SGEM Discord in the upper left corner 2️ Click on the "Invite others" option in the menu 3️ Copy the invite link, which can record the invite 4️ Send the link to your friends and ask him to click to join SGEM
TIPS: The more widely your invitation link is distributed, the higher the chance of inviting your friends! 1️ Show your invite link to every blockchain related Discord community possible 2️ Tell others about the value of "Play to Earn 2.0" in SGEM whenever and wherever you can 3️ Private chat with new and old friends on your Discord list 4️ Post on twitter often!
Website: Join Discord: Twitter: White Paper:
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2021.10.27 06:51 Dayum89 Trade

View Poll
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2021.10.27 06:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Advice for Alec Baldwin after the shooting tragedy on the set of 'Rust' | NBC

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2021.10.27 06:51 anglerbe Trouble retaining information, stuck in a cycle of being passive and docile

“You hang the Hitlerites after they have murdered millions of people. What were you thinking before they had killed millions? Aren’t dozens of corpses enough to make you think? Does it take millions of corpses to stir your humanity?”
This quote from Wilhelm Reich's essay Listen, Little Man! resonated pretty heavily with me when I (mid-20s) saw someone post it on social media a few months ago. Before I explain why, I want to put a disclaimer here that a lot of bad things are going on in the world at any given time and I acknowledge there's only so much any one individual can do about any of them, let alone all of them.
Having said that, in my more lucid moments I worry about the sort of person I might have been if I had been, say, a citizen in nazi Germany, or a resident of the US south in the Jim-Crow era. And then I think, that's the kind of person I am now, for the comparable problems of the time we're living in right now. I'm secretly terrified of being the sort of person who looks the other way or fails to intervene in order to save their own skin. I'm not naive enough to believe I could ever be a one man army (so to speak), and I recognize that many historical figures who are upheld by many people as heroes were never acting without the support of countless others. I have no grand illusions of changing the world overnight.
Rather, I think what I really want is to simply be an influential force within my domain, among my friends and in my community. I want to pull my own weight and share my portion of the burden. I don't really care if I end up dying without having any "great" achievements, but I want to at least be someone who tried, someone who fought for what they believed in, someone who influenced the world for the better even in some small way, irrespective of whether I can know for sure that it will have a major impact on the world in the long run. I want to live in a way that encourages other people to live better, too. Maybe I as an individual can't do anything about, say, climate change, but I want to at least be someone who participated in efforts to address it.
The point of this long-winded introduction is to say that right now I don't think that's the kind of person I am at all. I'm afraid that right now I'm dangerously close to being exactly the sort of complacent, docile onlooker that I think Reich was addressing in his essay. I feel like I barely do anything. I spend half my life meekly at a miserable job (what job is not at least a little miserable?) among gossipy, judgemental coworkers and under a passive-aggressive, highly judgemental boss. And I feel like I spend the other half hiding in my bedroom, playing video games or watching youtube videos or sleeping. Even though I really want to be involved and be an active participant in life, I find myself barely able to engage in political discussions or keep up with current events.
The thing that I think is probably one of the core sources of my problems, is that I seem to have a lot of trouble retaining information over time. In the years since I graduated high school I've tried to read books and otherwise learn through other means about subjects ranging from politics and philosophy to sustainable agriculture and media criticism. I also have tried on-and-off to keep up with news and current events every day. But it seems like almost everything I learn rapidly dissipates, until all I'm left with is a vague superficial impression and little fragmentary bits and pieces of things. And so I don't have the confidence to be anything more than a passive docile pawn, because I feel like I still don't understand anything about the world. I even got a degree in sociology (school was also often miserable and I struggled severely with motivation), but I don't feel like I've retained anything meaningful from any of my studies.
So I guess whatever motivation I've had to learn and be active has slowly eroded. What's the point in trying, if none of it actually helps me form informed opinions about the world or figure out what I actually want? And as it turns out, it's pretty hard not to become a victim of other peoples' judgements and beliefs, when you can't meaningfully form your own. I'm terrible at making arguments because I can never seem to think of what to say. So I've become something of an anxiety-ridden mess.
I feel like I've been stuck in this rut for years now, and its only getting worse. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Like no matter how hard you try you can't seem to formulate a coherent understanding of the world and your place in it? Does anyone have advice about how not to be a passive onlooker who goes with the crowd? Right now the wall between where I am and the kind of life I want to live feels impossibly tall, and I'm really not sure what to do about it.
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2021.10.27 06:51 UltramaroonEel25046 Free nitro on server! Just send 3 invites when you join...
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2021.10.27 06:51 japanidol ミームトーキョー - ROAR -MV

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