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marché parisien | Canon A1 50mm 1.8 | Fuji C200

2021.10.27 06:19 Vegetable_Desk385 marché parisien | Canon A1 50mm 1.8 | Fuji C200

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2021.10.27 06:19 Constant-Internet490 🐶Shiba Dash just launched!, 💸 6% Shiba Rewards 🔥 (Fair Launch, LP Locked for 1 Year), Missed Doge Dash? Don’t miss this one! 🟡

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2021.10.27 06:19 AbsolutVodski Anyone know what this tattoo means? It looks awesome but have literally no clue what it could possibly be🤔

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2021.10.27 06:19 ApprehensiveYear0 How to hire a cleaner?

Hey all,
I am moving in with some friends to a new flatshare and we are looking to hire a cleaner. It is all a bit flummoxing as there are many questions to sort out:

Would love to hear any tips / advice / experiences - cheers!
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2021.10.27 06:19 cyluref Hello everyone

How are you all doing
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Given by discord nitro, i don't have an xbox nor care It give 2 months, you have to put a card but you can cancel the payment and still get the two months.
available only for new users
Have fun.
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2021.10.27 06:19 x2Palex_Official Ex bungie, 343 staff member who was MLG pro and claims OGRE 2 doesn't exist

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2021.10.27 06:19 Dragonitro UPDATED Fortnite Lore Guide (by busybeingkyo)

This is an update to my old post from a few months back that covered the entire lore. I’ve been working on this in the background every time new information comes out and I hope it can be used to give some sort of clarity to people who are completely lost. (I didn’t design this to be read like an essay but more like a guide to anything you might be lost on.) A lot of this is exactly the same as the last post but I’ve added a lot to it. Remember a lot of this is speculation due to how vague the lore is. I specify whenever I’m theorizing. I’m also using a lot of information revealed in the comic.
Basics: -The Loop: The Loop is where every Battle Royale game takes place, every 22 minutes there is a storm cycle and combatants trapped in the loop are forced to battle without any memories in hopes of being the last one standing, every time the cycle resets combatants are revived with no memory of previous cycles along with no ability to talk or communicate. To escape the loop one must be in the centre of the storm circle and be the last one standing. Then they are sent to the Extra Loop a version of the island where they can make new memories and gain their looped memories back but can’t remember anything else outside of that. The Loop is maintained by the IO
-The IO: The Imagined Order have run things on Reality Zero for thousands of years, they’re a government like faction who’s goal is to gain knowledge, power, control and to maintain their definition of “order” in the omniverse (all of the different multiverses) by altering different timelines in different realities as they see fit, as well as setting up connections to and from them. They then throw the people they take from their home realities into the loop. They maintain control of the island from underground in multiple bunkers throughout the island. They control the loop and their access to different realities with “The Zero Point.” The IO is currently lead by Genō, notable members include: Doctor Slone, Rook, Marigold, and Kor. the 2 traitors that we know rebelled against IO are Agent John Jones and Maven.
The Zero Point: The Zero Point is the nexus of all realities, a hub of the different multiverses. it was created in the Big Bang that birthed every reality. There is no limit to its power. It cycles through every reality constantly and the IO (or whoever else is in control) can tune it to different realities and create portals. These portals have 2 variants, one is the IO’s go to “Pure Portal” which uses the Zero Point itself as the source and can be closed from the Bridge or with a portal device. (This is what IO mainly uses) The other portal is more complicated to open and is known as a Sideways Rift, these are cracks in the sky that allow travel between them and can either be closed with enough time to heal them, or they can be closed remotely with someone on both sides there to do it. Along with keeping people looped and giving the power to create portals to other connected realities, The Zero Point can take “snapshots” of people inside the loop and keep a clone of them inside of it. This is how the IO recruits it’s soldiers along with why there are so many outfits of the same characters. Of course The Zero Point being such a powerful thing attracts a lot of people who want to take it from IO.
-The Seven: The Seven is a faction from an unknown reality as of right now, but they’re the key to the past and future of the story. The Seven’s goal is to steal control of the Zero Point from the IO and end the loop. The members we know of right now are: The Visitor, The Scientist (Which due to his loading screen in Season X and the nature of alternate timelines in that season, is either an alternate universe version of The Visitor, another member with the same suit who upgraded his or the same person as The Visitor) The Foundation, The Paradigm (and maybe Singularity which I’ll expand on later)
-The Last Reality: Originally introduced in C1 S5 with Kevin the Cube, Then later officially revealed in C2 S7. The Last Reality is a dark alien faction bent on taking over each reality and crippling it to “nothing” They sent out Kevin through a rift created by the Visitor in season 5 and tried using it to terraform the island with dark runic energy. In C2 Season 7 TLR and The Cube Queen leading it, are once again attracted to Reality Zero this time invading with an alien army from a reality it had taken over as its foot soldiers and as a cover to hide the true nature of the invasion. The Cube Queen has invaded to annihilate Reality Zero (and presumably use the Zero Point to take over all realities.)
Okay now for the story season to season,
Season 4: The meteor hits Dusty Divot and a government set up surveillance around the divot. Eventually The Visitor, one of The Seven, comes out of the meteor and attacks what’s presumably the IO or some other government agency surveillance site as he makes his way to the movie set used as the villain base. The Visitor retrofits a movie prop rocket to be functional and uses hop rocks as fuel. He launches the rocket and it says “Zero Point Oscillator On, Set coordinates. Engaging multi fuelled accelerators.” and he opens a large rift out of the island. This disrupts the fabric of the islands reality and Rifts then start appearing in different locations and taking away different monuments.
Season 5: Rifts take artifacts from around the island and spits items from other worlds into the island this includes Drift, a human rifted from our world. IO sends enforcers to gather Drift and take him home, but once looped Drift refuses to go, he prefers his road trip along with the mysterious powers he’s been granted from the Fox Clan’s mask.. The rift opened by The Visitor spits out the Cube, powered by dark glyphs it starts to roll around the map planting runes and then rolls into loot lake causing the water to take on its bouncy properties.
Season 6: The Cube rises loot lake out of the water and it transports it around to absorb power from the dark runes it placed, once completed the cube reaches its full powers and blows up the loot lake island, its power causes cube monsters from the Sideways to rise wreaking havoc over the island, the cube then drains all its power into the zero point and transports us to the in between where we see the butterfly, it rifts us back to the island where we find a newly reformed loot lake, with pieces of the cube scattered everywhere.
Season 7: A huge iceberg collides with the island bringing a new castle called Polar Peak, in this castle we see a table with different chairs, each labelled with an element symbol to represent each elemental ruler, as far as we know the Fire King, Ruin, Ice King and Ice Queen are the only elementals in game right now (but the Cube Queen and Storm King could also be related) this shows us a vague look into the history of Reality Zero itself. As Polar Peak melts the Ice King awakens and he plans to use a shard of the cube he found (just like Raz’s spire artifact seen in chapter 2 season 6) to amplify his elemental powers and cover the world in ice and snow to prevent his prisoner the Fire King from unthawing. The Ice King rises from the dark power and creates a giant ice ball around him as he gains more dark power. (We see The Cube Queen do the exact same thing in C2 Season 8 over the Convergence, as she releases Cube monsters from the sideways.) finally Ice King’s ice storm unfolds it reawakens the Cube Monsters from the Sideways but they have ice powers now. Unfortunately for The Ice King The Fire King escaped before it was too late and he unthaws the Island.
Season 8: The Fire Kings powers have erected a volcano in the island, with the new changes in the environment it allows Blackheart to dock on the beach in lazy lagoon, Blackheart, The Fire King and The Ice King are all looking for treasure (the Zero Points power, this plot doesn’t go anywhere but it establishes the eruption and the unvaulting showing us the zero point) So the Fire King awakens his right hand, Ruin as they prepare for their endgame. Seemingly out of nowhere The Imagined Order or some other Government enter the island and excavate the entrance to the vault which contains the zero point, everyone on the island has to work on floating glyph challenges used to unlock the vault, once unlocked the Vault opens transferring us to the inside of it and showing us the zero point for the first time, we see a desk with a helmet of The Singularity and we unvault the drum gun, once unvaulted the zero point spits us out of the in between and back to the island and we see Ruin and The Fire King attack after we finish uncovering the vault, The volcano erupts and destroys tilted towers, retail row and polar peak.
Season 9: The future is here, the denizens of the island have harnessed the zero points energy to fuel their new utopia, Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. Polar Peaks damage wasn’t repairable and it unleashed a monster in the iceberg. The volcano is used as a new plant by The Singularity to create a mech used to fight the devourer, once the final showdown begins the devourer aims straight for the zero point, the mech strikes it down and seems to have won when it throws the monster into the ocean, but it arises and tackles the mech ripping it apart, with no other choice but to harness the zero point, The Singularity grabs it and absorbs its energy, destabilizing it in the process and leaving it conveniently exposed, it strikes the devourer down and blasts off into space. (My theory behind this is that The Singularity is a double agent for The Seven who has infiltrated the IO and has become the guardian to Vault to the Zero Point. She set up the Zero Point to be contained.)
Season X: The Zero Point is exposed and the world is destabilizing, this causes the Zero Point to “expand” this expansion takes us to the inbetween as we see from the season x trailer, and due to the formation of the island, different things from alternate timelines and universes are being funnelled through the inbetween and are forced to resolve onto the Island rather than push away from each other. This phenomenon is what in general caused the island to take form in the first place, and when the point of expansion happens it takes things from multiple different versions of Reality Zero and spits them out onto the island. The biggest initial change not caused by the Rift Beacons was Dusty Depots return and the end of the divot, this also included a meteor housing one of the Seven suspended right above it. He arrived outside the loop exactly at the moment of expansion and it forced the singularity of the island to pause time. This gives the Seven time to enact their plan. The Visitor escapes again but this time he’s (debatably) a different timeline version dubbed “The Scientist” he builds a lab in the returned Dusty Depot and he upgrades his suit and builds the devices needed to synchronize the junction, he creates Rift Beacons used to transport alternate timeline landmarks, The Scientist gathers materials from these warped landmarks to build a new rocket. However, The Scientist failed to realize that the device will only work if activated inside the loop, he records tapes for himself instructing him on how to activate the rocket and enters the loop. He follows his instructions carefully and activates the rocket. It opens a sideways rift to the other members of The Seven, the ones we know so far are: The Foundation, The Visitor and The Paradigm (Who in my opinion is either a double agent aka The Singularity or is one of who The Foundation refers to as “The Sisters” the other being Singularity and their goal in season 8-9 was to prepare The Zero Point to be contained by The Seven’s plan) They all arrive on the island, and waste no time creating a sideways rift that generates enough gravitational pull to take the meteor, a rocket opens up another rift above the Zero Point and it blows into the Zero Points energy field causing it to destabilize then together the other 6 members guide the meteor from the rift into The Zero Point. The collision creates a total reality collapse containing The Zero Point into the black hole. The Seven supposedly succeeded in their goal. However The Scientist sends a message from outside the loop, "I WAS NOT ALONE. OTHERS WERE OUTSIDE THE LOOP. THIS WAS NOT CALCULATED. THE NOTHING IS NOW INEVITABLE."
Chapter 2 Season 1: A secret transmission from IO. ...[security encryption M7 authenticated]...
The Containment Field has stabilized; The Bridge is intact.
The seven succeeded. Our manipulations averted disaster.
The zero point is ours, and the plan can continue.
...[recalculating Loop shift]...
...[initiating sub Loop text transmission]...
...[redirecting, received]...
Surprising is the sheer volume of Matter resolved around the Bridge.
Extensive Charting and Analysis are required.
Our best [redacted: D4] Team has been scrambled and inserted.
We expect resistance. And similar embedded Agents.
We've been as quiet as possible. But the gaze of others may now be turned towards Zero.
A whole new world awaits.
...[end transmission; loop]...
...[redirecting, received]...
IO outsmarted The Seven and took back control of the Zero Point and the loop once again from the hands of The Seven they rearrange the island and are surprised to find how much matter resolved around the bridge. The island has shifted completely and everything from the old island has been remixed to create a new world, the IO insert some field agents to survey the new world, this creates Ego and they encounter their alter-egos (snapshots) which are being manipulated by the Chaos Agent, a leader of Shadow who works for a mysterious man named Midas, Chaos Agent observes the island's going-ons as he converts team ALTER into Shadow operatives, EGO eventually becomes Ghost and begins a war with Shadow.
Chapter 2 Season 2: Midas, a mob boss with the stolen golden power of Oro seemingly takes over the island over night, he seems to have more knowledge than others and he manipulates the war between Ghost vs Shadow by playing both sides, he has control over both factions and tries to seed conflict by sending in his own double agents, all the while ruling the island from The Agency, his real faction which is using Ghost VS Shadow as a distraction for the IO, behind the scenes his engineer daughter named Jules helps him build a device made to harness the zero points power push back the storm and escape the loop, the device gets ready for doomsday and when it comes time the device pushes back the storm and tries to prevent the storm from looping, the device sustains damage and the loop glitches warping us to the office of IO where we hear John Jones freak out about trying to stabilize the loop, we teleport back to the island where Midas tries one more time, this time he succeeds and his plan works, but we teleport back to the office where we hear John Jones ask “and that worked? How long will it hold?” We go back to the Island and find out the IO manipulated the storm turning it into water which then floods the map causing the loop to reset, but Midas completely vanishes presumably escaping the loop only leaving snapshots. He leaves behind The Agency which was stormed by Shadow Operatives,
Chapter 2 Season 3: Jules took control over the Agency for Shadow, claiming it as The Authority. The maps flooded and there’s a new Ghost base called The Fortilla the war continues through the season as the water level recedes from the flood revealing new locations and Coral Castle.
Chapter 2 Season 4: Attracted by the amount of energy given off by “The End” in Season X, Galactus is on his way to the island to absorb The Zero Point, it’s up to the Marvel heroes to stop him before they completely succumb to the loop. Iron Man sets up stark beacons to rift in Stark Industries so he can build his fleet of Battle Bus bombs to stop him, when the day comes Galactus starts to absorb The Zero Point. Iron Man harnesses the loop to clone the Battle Bus Bombs to fly into Galactus’ mouth and explode him sending us all home, Thor and Wolverine help clear the way and we fly the bus straight into Galactus. It explodes and we’re all sent home. Meanwhile we see the IO office with sirens going off and John Jones wakes up in a panic.
Chapter 2 Season 5: John Jones wakes up in his crumbling office to a phone call, he answers and says “they did it, we’re still here!” Dr. Slone on the phone tells Jones The Zero Point is exposed and he needs to hop back in the loop to stabilize it, he says “the last thing we need is another snapshot of me in the loop” (confirming all battle royale skins are “snapshots” of people entering the loop) his boss says “no the last thing we need is someone escaping the loop get in there and fix it” Jones affirms her he’s on it and leaves to the bridge, we hear her still on the phone warning not to “attract the seven” confirming they’re enemies, Jones doesn’t hear this though. Once at the bridge he located and gathers the best hunters across all realities to cause chaos on the island and he continues to bring more via the zero point all season. The more hunters he brings the more it starts to destabilize. The island has fallen into pure chaos and the zero point is about to collapse. Jones starts to doubt IO and finds out he’s been blacklisted from seeing files on The Seven. Jones knows what he must do now
Chapter 2 Season 6: The season starts with Dr. Slone talking to Jones advising him to save himself and that The Zero Point is going to implode, Jones tells her that if he doesn’t stop this it could destroy all existence, Slone tells him he’s betraying everything they worked for as he tells her he’s going to The Seven. Jones runs through the island avoiding the loopers as he makes his way to the zero point. When he gets there he uses his rift device and throws it into The Zero Point, it causes a rift and a meteor comes out landing in front of Jones, The Foundation, the leader of The Seven walks out and attacks Jones, Jones reasons with him by telling him “I can get you Genō” and The Foundation replies, “and the sisters?” Jones says he can give him all of them he just needs his help fixing the Zero Point, The Foundation agrees and asks for Jones help, giving him the rift device back. The Foundation then flies into the air and gets to work, he tells Jones to “get that looper ready” Jones notices us and tells us to help. The Foundation notices how entangled the Zero Point is and warns Jones he may not be able to fix it, he then attempts to and asks us to close up any portals created by reality breaking down, the Zero Point sends out reality waves causing Jones to turn into a butterfly and the island to devolve into a primal state. We finally close all the portals and The Zero Point starts to bloom, Jones tells us there’s no going back. Unfortunately it’s not enough and The Foundation can’t stop it, he tells Jones he may be able to contain the blast and summons a chromium spire to heal and realign The Zero Point. Jones turns back to normal as The Foundation tells him to overload the device. Jones tells him that he’ll be trapped in the loop. The Foundation tells him that they’ll both have to find their way back and to not give up. With that Jones overloads the device, The Foundation seals himself and the Zero Point away in The Spire and the primal era begins. A lot of time goes by and a a town has sprung up at the base of The Spire, and 6 small towers spring up across the map all pointing toward the spire. They’re guarded by Spire Guardians that use the power of The Spire to defend them. They’re lead by Spire Assassin and Immortal who are all apart of a cult who worship the spires power as well as the IO due to their mysterious emblem appearing everywhere across the island. In Boney Burbs (a primal city) we meet Tarana who tells us she has an artifact that relates to the mystery of the Spire when we do a mission to retrieve it we find out the thief Raz stole it, we go to Colossal Crops to retrieve it and we find out he's been studying The Spire for a long time, including the power of the glyphs/runes, glyphs have shown to have strong dark power in the lore and with the Spire artifact and Cube it shows they can grant dark powers. (this is confirmed in his skydiving trail which says “which glyphs are the most aerodynamic” showing he’s using their power to give him a boost) He gives us the recording and we hear Jones’ voice say “Listen to the crystals song” Raz makes us don a Spire assassin disguise and get audio samples from the crystals, when we use play the crystals song at a Spire tower we hear The Foundation says “Jones Knows” we talk to Jones the First and he tells us the Spire will make someone powerful but exploit their every weakness and he warns us not to let someone powerful get corrupted by the Spire and attract unwanted attention, or else Agent Jones doesn’t stand a chance. The next week we find out it’s too late and Raz took the Spire Artifact from the Spire Assassin and gained it’s dark glyphic power, this attracts something that a radio host named Mari points out, UFOs are in the sky. We see IO attempt to invade the map and silence her before the invasion. Dr. Slone had us end all transmissions and loopers start to be abducted.
Chapter 2 Season 7: The Last Reality have finally arrived after being attracted by Raz and The Spire’s use of dark runic energy, the mothership comes and blows up The Spire, forcing The Zero Point back into the Bridge underground with the IO, The Foundation is ejected out of The Zero Point and is rifted to its last aligned location he lands in the ocean of Reality NF-1935, Gotham Port where he lies dormant in the water. Dr. Slone arrives on the island with an army she recruits to help her fight the Aliens and defend the island, She recruits us throughout the season to help her gain intel on the invasion and help her uncover the mole within IOs ranks. During our missions for Slone The Last Reality abduct Slurpy Swamp and Coral Castle and terraform Holly Hedges. We discover The Last Realities plan is to annihilate everything and that Maven is the mole and has been feeding them intel throughout the invasion. We fight her for Dr. Slone and move towards arming the next abduction site Corny Complex with bombs meant to take down the mothership. Finally the day comes and it’s time for Operation: Skyfire, we enter the mothership and make way for the abduction chamber, Slone starts to arm the bombs when the mothership closes us off and a Cube starts to materialize, Slone realizes the severity of the situation and says “last time it nearly destroyed the island” she hacks into the ship and finishes arming the bombs, our backpacks send out a neutralizing pulse that shuts down the cube. She then lets us know that she has no intention on bringing us home, not if the cube can return with us. We then revive the cube, turning it blue and it takes us to the main dock of the mothership, abductors fly by us and then we notice, the entire mothership is powered by the cubes. As the bombs finally explode the Cubes come raining down along with us. The island isn’t ready for The Last Realities true plan, the invasion was just the beginning.
Chapter 2 Season 8: The war against The Last Reality rages on as The Queen unleashes the Sideways onto the island, the Sideways is an alternate dimension ruled by Cubes similar to the Upside Down from Stranger Things. JB Chimpanski has stepped up to lead the war effort by rallying the island to work together and build new weapons, Dr. Slone makes her way around the island with an IO squad patrolling. The Blue Cube we revived is now on the island and heals us as well as A Golden Cube housing the Queen herself she goes around the island awakening the different cubes causing them to multiply into smaller cubes everywhere. She does this around the map and even the Cube from Season X’s alternate reality that has been under Steamy Stacks finally comes out to join, they all go into the aftermath of the spire and create the convergence, where the Cube Queen now floats similarly to The Ice King, she sends out Caretakers to help with her plan.
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2021.10.27 06:19 ASFMButAlt woke up from crying myself to bed because i got a death threat by a death threat

both were from my dad, thanks dad👍
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2021.10.27 06:19 katto-gatto Tell me about how you've grown as a writer from when you first started writing fanfiction!

Let's give ourselves some praise (no matter how big or little your growth has been)!
Did you get out of that habit of referring to your characters' eyes as sparkling, multicoloured OrBs every time?
Have you been able to produce more chapters or longer chapters in a certain period of time compared to when you first started?
Have your grammer got more good frm when u frist started righting? Mine defiantly did!
As for me, I will reread my previous fics and think: "Yuck, I could definitely write that part better now". Not to say I hate my past works or anything, they're evidence of my progress after all. I only started posting ff in July(?) this year so I'm still relatively new to writing fiction and what I produce is far from perfect, of course. But from reading the advice that people offer on this subreddit and reading other people's amazing fics, I feel like I've been improving with each chapter I post (by my own standards, anyway)! I think so, at least...the chronic self-doubt is still there. Though I've made a lot of people happy with my writing so that's a big bonus!
Tell me about your little or big wins :) Let's celebrate each other's achievements!
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2021.10.27 06:19 CourageEnough6639 [REQUEST] ServiceNow Development Handbook - Third Edition

I was going to buy but apparently I cannot get the kindle version for some reason.
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2021.10.27 06:19 Peter-Poc-Australia ME Mentality vs. WE Mentality. Competition vs. Inspiration. Capitalism vs. Shared Profitability Exploiting nature (for profit) vs. Creating a nature/human symbiosis. Not knowing the limits of resources vs. Analyzing resources for best distribution.

ME Mentality vs. WE Mentality. Competition vs. Inspiration. Capitalism vs. Shared Profitability Exploiting nature (for profit) vs. Creating a nature/human symbiosis. Not knowing the limits of resources vs. Analyzing resources for best distribution. submitted by Peter-Poc-Australia to thevenusproject [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 06:19 Joliver00776 space shuttle’s toilet

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2021.10.27 06:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IE] - Two men hospitalised with stab wounds in Dublin city | Irish Times

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2021.10.27 06:19 FoodNewsVideo 4K Walking Tour Street Food Festival Thailand Foodie Market @ Fashion Island Bangkok Thailand

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2021.10.27 06:19 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: ICYMI - You Will Obey: U.N. Demands Further Cuts to Gas, Coal, and Oil Production https://t.co/CV1ahWo6rr

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2021.10.27 06:19 johnyutah Wrapped to Native transfers guide

Wrapped to Native transfers guide
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