e55k4 3hy7d ndne9 2n89d na78n a3rez 6in2z ek74h 9dknh kb2ha 42a2y r2i75 74bin 3r4ze ayik8 y2af8 a8ybz ethsr akedz y5bkn fk9t2 New (?) rules for buying replacement boxes from AG: you must have the original doll receipt. |

New (?) rules for buying replacement boxes from AG: you must have the original doll receipt.

2021.11.28 05:43 AtlasBeard New (?) rules for buying replacement boxes from AG: you must have the original doll receipt.

Just giving a heads-up to anyone who may have gotten an AG doll secondhand and wanted to buy a replacement box from the company: according to a customer service representative we spoke to today, you have to have/provide the doll’s original receipt in order to get a replacement box. Last I heard, you could purchase replacement boxes for around $10 a piece and just had to have the doll in-hand, but they must’ve updated their rules. The rep told us that they’ve had issues with people selling non-AG dolls as AG dolls and this is a countermeasure. I understand why they’re doing it, but it’s still a bit of a bummer as I was hoping to snag some to use as storage boxes for my girls. Oh, well. Let the “inexpensive doll storage box hunt” continue! 😅
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2021.11.28 05:43 Y_U_Z_O_E 1976 Brubaker Box “Ark Roamer”

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2021.11.28 05:43 colorado_girl17 Looking for a raid 9673 5844 0001

Looking to join any raid. Please add me.
Also, add me if you want to send gifts.
9673 5844 0001
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2021.11.28 05:43 MagnificentBe The Simpsons Movie Review - without intro and outro it's only one minute and 28 seconds long. That's it. That's the entire review.

The Simpsons Movie Review - without intro and outro it's only one minute and 28 seconds long. That's it. That's the entire review. submitted by MagnificentBe to TheCinemassacreTruth [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 05:43 SingleSinthakay Nidra pattatledu - so decided to listen to this

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2021.11.28 05:43 yaxcioglan Lambda/ Bloom Institute of Technology

Does anyone have experience with Bloom Tech backend software engineer program? Is it worth it? How well is the program?
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2021.11.28 05:43 chat128 What happened to Barshens?

It went from the old format to the podcast then stopped for the world wide sickness
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2021.11.28 05:43 natty455 daryl and beth

i’m about to enter season 6 of the show, so i decided i had watched enough that i could try and safely poke around on here.
when daryl and beth are alone together, which i didnt realize was a substantial amount of time, how old is she? as much as i liked what we got out of daryl, it made me very uncomfortable. i’m not sure why because i know there was nothing odd going on, but something about watching a grown man and a very young innocent woman getting drunk together, hugging & crying was weird no matter the circumstances.
i think the sentiment of him taking her for her first drink could have been sweet to see & i dont think i was ever was against them being out there together..but something about the way it was executed wasnt quite right to me but i cant put my finger on what exactly was wrong.
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2021.11.28 05:43 Old_Bed8247 SHIBAWORLD 🌏- Best hidden gem | Just Launched | Journey around the world with 7% $SHIB rewards | DEV will be in voice chat before and after launch

Join us on our journey around the world with ShibaWorld🌍 Our goal is get everyone involved and take this rocket balloon across the planet! If you had enough of Rebase and high tax tokens and you are sick of Jeet devs pulling liquidity at 10k MCAP than this is the right token for you.
Holders will receive 7% SHIB tokens through an auto-staking integration. A reward for our diamond-hand holders!
Automatic LP added to allow the price floor to steadily increase. This allows a healthy growth with stability! Increasing returns for holders! Auto LP Feature & Auto Reflections, Increasing the Price Floor & Returns
We all hate snipers and whales, so ShibaWorld has some great measures coded into its smart contract to prevent these. ShibaWorld is aiming to become a community oriented project, where members can participate and get rewarded through reflections and giveaways. LP will be locked, no hidden team wallets, no closed chat, VC is open every day. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have!
Total Supply: 1B
Max Wallet: 3%
Tax: 10% (7% Reward, 1% LP, 2% Marketing)
Contract: 0x84e2399B481C4f34991274d83A91adFEED2EF2a5
Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x84e2399B481C4f34991274d83A91adFEED2EF2a5
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x39c0513e523424fc28b0b779486b1efe0332135e
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x84e2399B481C4f34991274d83A91adFEED2EF2a5#readContract
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2021.11.28 05:43 anonumousj What are the most disturbing things that no one should ever google? Not talking about googling your symptoms or some disturbing facts, but images and videos that no one should ever see?

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2021.11.28 05:43 Real_Diamond2679 Looking to switch to formula feeding, help please!

FTM hoping to get some clarification please. Our daughter just turned 2 months and has been having pumped breast milk 60% of the time, ready to feed formula for the rest. We’ve decided to slowly stop pumping and move solely onto powder formula now. Without getting into details, pumping was super stressful for me, and ready to feed is too expensive unfortunately.
My question is all the directions on the tins say to boil water and let it cool to room temperature, and then mix formula in. We were told powder is not sterile so have to mix with boiling water. Should we just ignore tin directions and put powder into boiling water, and then let it cool before putting batch into fridge? Any advice is appreciated, really looking forward to being 100% on formula to get some sanity back!
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2021.11.28 05:43 777solo New Hard Rock Band

Hard Rock — My band “Vagabond Beach” has a rough mix (literally recorded on my iphones voice memo) of a song we got in the works, check it out if you enjoy classic rock with classic metal/hard rock. If you like it please give us a sub https://youtu.be/5UdjATn3dSA
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2021.11.28 05:43 bluebetaoddeye LOONA Hyunjin & Choerry - I Can’t Stop Me (orig. TWICE)

LOONA Hyunjin & Choerry - I Can’t Stop Me (orig. TWICE) submitted by bluebetaoddeye to kpop [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 05:43 Suitable_Ad6609 HELP A GIRL OUT 🥺

can someone trade me a feebas on bdsp pls 🥺🥺🥺
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2021.11.28 05:43 assagitaz Alex Kennon - Positiv [Flower Power]

Publisher: Flower Power
Out Date: 2021-11-26
Quality: MP3 18.95 Mb / AIFF 83.32 Mb
Genre: Tech House
Alex Kennon - Positiv / (Key Em, BPM 124, Length 7:52)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=509237
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2021.11.28 05:43 ramarama123 Khushi Kapoor

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2021.11.28 05:43 Smexybirbo [Ps4] W: item transfer between saved H: ask, a little bit of everything tbh.

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2021.11.28 05:43 tetsu_fujin ELI5 Why are migrants spending tens of thousands to smugglers for a rickety raft across the channel instead of a plane ticket and a deposit on a house?

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2021.11.28 05:43 Nostalgia4life What time of the day do you get randomly and extremely hungry?

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2021.11.28 05:43 HopeMassive3777 Nuva ring - why is it effective right away if…

So I started my nuva ring on the first day of my period and I’m wondering why it’s effective if you start it the first day but not the second (or more)? I haven’t been able to find that info anywhere! I’m having a hard time trusting it’s actually effective with just being told it is.
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2021.11.28 05:43 sylsau The 10 Incredible Guarantees the Bitcoin Protocol Gives You in a World More Uncertain Than Ever. These guarantees give you the freedom to live your life on your own terms.

Officially launched on January 3, 2009, by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin system has proven to be remarkably stable since its inception. This is something that should be noted, as we are living in a more uncertain world than we have ever seen in the year 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the current monetary and financial system established in August 1971 by Richard Nixon suffers from seven deadly sins that will lead to its collapse, Bitcoin is intended to be our antidote for a better future world for the many.
At the heart of the Bitcoin system is a protocol that gives you essential guarantees. You can rely on these guarantees to preserve the fruits of your labor because you know that they cannot be violated by a simple arbitrary decision of a few humans. This is the opposite of what happens in the current monetary and financial system, whose original sin is the absolute power of money creation given to central bankers.
Here are the 10 guarantees that Bitcoin gives you and that make all the difference:

  1. There will never be more than 21 million BTC in circulation
  2. 10 minutes delay on average between the issuance of each block of transactions
  3. An adjustment of the mining difficulty of the Bitcoin network every 2,016 mined blocks
  4. A decrease in the reward given to miners for every 210,000 blocks issued
  5. A consensus algorithm based on Proof-of-Work
  6. Bitcoin is the most secure decentralized network in the world
  7. A permanently available network (Uptime > 99.985% since Bitcoin creation)
  8. A never hacked network
  9. The data of the Bitcoin Blockchain is immutable
  10. The Bitcoin code is open source
In an uncertain world, Bitcoin is your best hedge against uncertainty. The stability of the Bitcoin protocol gives you certainty. You are guaranteed to have the world’s most secure decentralized network to store the fruits of your labor over time in a censor-proof manner.
More and more users understand the value represented by these Bitcoin invariants. This clearly explains why the adoption of Bitcoin is accelerating, but also why companies like MicroStrategy have decided to make Bitcoin their primary treasury reserve asset since the summer of 2020.
The next time someone tells you that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, you can reply that the guarantees that Bitcoin gives to its users are the reasons why more and more people will opt for the Bitcoin system in the future and make it more and more valuable.
More details here: https://inbitcoinwetrust.substack.com/p/the-10-incredible-guarantees-the
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2021.11.28 05:43 Old_Bed8247 💎 Metaverse Legend - Launch today - Liquidity Locked|Metaverse 🤖| Expert Team Influencer Push|🎮 VR Game Release|⏰

🎮 The officially endorsed Metaverse launchpad !
🎮 Partnered with and endorsed by Ubisoft, we help fuel the future of mass-market blockchain applications building in the Ubisoft ecosystem !
🎮 Through our partnership with Ubisoft, some of the most promising projects launching on Metaverse Legend will be fast-tracked into Ubisoft’ $100 million grant program dramatically accelerating their growth !
🎮 Likewise, more than 40+ initial grant candidates will be funneled to Metaverse Legend to conduct their initial raises !
🎮 As a virtual expanding autonomous system, Ubisoft Chain is able to automatically react and adapt to changes in network load to ensure a consistent and optimized experience across all applications !
🎮 Able to sustain more than 50,000 transactions per second (tps), supporting smart contracts written in multiple languages, and providing a powerful opportunity for cross-chain interactions, Ubisoft is uniquely positioned to host the mass market blockchain-powered applications !
🎮 Metaverse Legend is designed with a singular purpose in mind to help fund and support the development of the next generation of blockchain projects !
🎮 Total Supply: 1.000,000,000
🎮 Max Wallet: 4%
🎮 Max Txn: 2%
🎮4% Marketing Wallet
🎮5% Auto Liquidity
🎮3% Buyback
🛡Verified Contract
🛡 Liquidity Locked
⚔️Contract: 0xb889849b20f709f3074d83c4113c7ea0748d1c07
⚔️Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb889849b20f709f3074d83c4113c7ea0748d1c07#readContract
⚔️ LP LOCKED : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd2a77a6ed209fa0c96984e32653abaccf76fc35c
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2021.11.28 05:43 NiceTimeRamble Surprise vineyard nr. Radnage. Lovely valley! Lots more twaddle, including lesbians, pronunciation, chipolatas, and The Queen. Google 'Nice Time Ramble' for links and a listen. Cheers D&K X

Surprise vineyard nr. Radnage. Lovely valley! Lots more twaddle, including lesbians, pronunciation, chipolatas, and The Queen. Google 'Nice Time Ramble' for links and a listen. Cheers D&K X submitted by NiceTimeRamble to Buckinghamshire [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 05:43 DeletedThreeAccounts Spirits, where do they get the seeds to make seedless grapes??

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2021.11.28 05:43 taulover "Cliff Diving is Absolutely Mental": Mike Boyd explains Red Bull Cliff Diving at round 4 of the 2021 season at Downpatrick Head, Ireland

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