Anyone know the notes to starlight by muse

2022.01.21 23:08 Redgrimone Anyone know the notes to starlight by muse

Would like to know starlight by muse for when sailing around on raft
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2022.01.21 23:08 Logical-Restaurant-3 Sizing?

how do the sweatpants fit? i’m 6’0, 145lbs what should i go with?
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2022.01.21 23:08 Ravenzsnow Kitten Pen Holders

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2022.01.21 23:08 MoonliteThrowaway3 [US] very lost and worried

I’ll really try to keep this concise but I’ll also add a tldr at the end.
So maybe two weeks my children and I left my abusive boyfriend Who also I their father. He’s been abusive to me for nearly 10 years. This he started emotionally abusing and then physically abusing the kids. I was terrified that he would get custody but I knew we had to go for the kids sake. I went to the police station, pressed charges, asked for a stay away no contact order. Then I went straight to the family court office and filed emergency custody and for a stay away order from them. Both orders were granted.
I’m not employed and haven’t been for years because I was a sahm. And then when it was possible to work he would always find an excuse. So I applied and they gave me a free attorney and the kids had one too.
So far my kids have spoken with police, cps, the ER, their pcp. They have therapy coming up and I’m still waiting on a call from the GAL. They’ve told the truth and told them it’s been happening for a while and we were scared living there.
I’m not meeting with my lawyer for another couple weeks so I know I’m just borrowing worry because no one knows what will happen but I still have questions from those of you that have been there or advice.
Im terrified he will be able to charm his way through court like he did for his other kids. I know he’s their father and really if he could get his shit together that’d be great but I do not see that happening. Even my kid says “im not sure how I would tell the truth again because dad might punch me in the eye”. It’s so heartbreaking. They are between 5and8.
I want to keep the restraining order in place, or for me at least or a clause where if they grant supervised visits then that is the only time they are able to have contact with him. Is that a thing?the kids want nothing to do with him and he never lifted a finger to parent or do childcare. He literally would lay on the couch and yell my name when they needed to be talked to
What is the first hearing like? Is it just establishing the case? Will they take into account all that the kids said to everyone? Will they take into account that the kids re scared and don’t want to go. Or will he get thrown into some bs parenting class and then get visits.
The criminal charges have not been made. His lawyer postponed it until after FC and I know it was an. Attempt to look better in that court for not having criminal charges. I know he will try for 50/50. He has plenty of money and resources but the only reason he is fighting is for principle and public ally acting like he’s superdad. Any other day he couldn’t care less.
So tldr basically I want to know how the process works, what I should ask for, and what helped those who have experience keep the RO and get supervised visits?
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2022.01.21 23:08 WillJ2951 Is there a way to setup free view so I can use it when flying? I play on console!

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2022.01.21 23:08 funfornewages THE TIES THAT BIND

POLITICO 01/21/2022- It’s a gold rush for lobbying firms with Biden ties
In many private businesses, strategic employees who leave the firm have some type of legal restrictions as to what they can and cannot do for a while after severing employment. This is done for a reason.
Perhaps this sort of legalese is needed in the public realm as well.
Shops that employed former aides to the current president saw massive increases in clients and fees in 2021.
Washington’s top lobbying firms reported record lobbying revenues in 2021, and perhaps no one benefited more than lobbying shops with ties to President Joe Biden and his administration. . . .
[you can read the lobbying groups and their current client list at the link]
. . . . . . The passage of yet another coronavirus relief package in the spring and the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the fall, along with the on-again-off-again negotiations on another $1 trillion-plus social spending and climate package, drove new clients from new industries into lobbyists’ arms.
The new White House even lured one of K Street’s biggest names back into the influence game. Tony Podesta, the Democratic super lobbyist whose eponymous firm The Podesta Group collapsed after it came under scrutiny from special counsel Robert Mueller, reemerged on the lobbying scene this year, bringing in $1 million from the blacklisted Chinese telecom giant Huawei in just six months of work, lobbying disclosures show.
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2022.01.21 23:08 unlikelycactus Cant tell if this is a one off thing or a red flag

So since I dont normally go out Ive been using VR to socialize. Specifically on VRChat. Its not bad. Casual positive interaction with people online is better than the negative stuff in person or it being non-existent :')
I found an old friend and went to see what they were up to. By old friend I mean we met like twice in this game.
Anyways I found him with a group of others and I didnt want to interrupt at first. After gaining some courage I decided to join & he went over to talk to me alone. We talked a bit about what had happened in our lives since the last time we saw eachother and he suggested we go to a place with karaoke. Normally, Id say no since I dont do it with just anyone. But I was feeling brave I guess.
Then there were a few... problems. I use Quest VR headset on the game & he was on pc. The places you can go arent always compatible for both so we had issues finding a karaoke place we could both use. At some point in the process he got a discord call from a friend and he complained about Quest users as a whole as Im just... sitting there. Talking about how it sucks ass and is a shitty thing to play on. One of his friends then joined us, in which they both started to complain about it.
In an effort to stand up for myself (kinda) I said I can laydown as a plus side... comfortable way to play a game ngl... His friend laughed at that notion and then left immediatly after. He then said he would go visit his friends again and said I could join them. I checked to see where he had gone but he seemed to be offline or hidden. So I guess he lied by saying I was able to join him :/ I have a feeling I didnt make a good impression on one of his friends for a device I use?? After feeling awful I just sat there and cried. I didnt want to feel this sensitive over strangers online and just I hate this.
The thing that makes me unsure is that he told me he was drunk a bit before talking to me. And his friend had had a lot to drink. Does alcohol make people assholes? I cant help but think maybe he was more susceptible to anger though after being annoyed we couldnt karaoke. I dont know.
Part of me has this feeling I never want to talk to him or his friends again and im not sure this is even justified right now. All I know is maybe Ill just take a break from VR. I cant even seem to find friends there and its beginning to feel hopeless.
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2022.01.21 23:08 sideorderofLobster Do you think Stanley would have made a good manager?

I’m currently rewatching Beach Day. Michaels top picks to replace him were Dwight, Jim, Andy, and Stanley. The first three were all a manager at some point except Stanley.
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2022.01.21 23:08 catlover9955_ Will it age horribly? Is it badly done? I spent a long time researching an artist and after going down the Reddit rabbit hole I’m worried it’ll age badly. Honest thoughts?

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2022.01.21 23:08 Status_Bid_9927 Saper peminat maisarah 😓👍

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2022.01.21 23:08 Maulclaw Oh, dear.

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2022.01.21 23:08 LoveMangaBuddy Read The Dragon’s Brave Love - Chapter 8 - TrueManga

One day, as Sia was organizing the storehouse, she finds her grandmother’s diary. Her grandmother had written about tea leaves with mysterious power and how the tea house could be so successful with its tea. She also mentioned that since ‘The Being’ who brought her the tea leaves, locked himself inside his house and does not come anymore. This strange story makes Sia so curious that she starts to ... Read The Dragon’s Brave Love - Chapter 8 - TrueManga. Read more at
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2022.01.21 23:08 Tom2182 Need help somthing is wrong with my discord

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2022.01.21 23:08 -Bear_the_femboy- Hi!my names bear I'm new to this subredddit and I want some friends so..yea hi(also sorry if wrong flair idk which one to do)

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2022.01.21 23:08 TheGrrreatPapyrus I finally beat it! Would have liked to have gotten more strawberries, but honestly I’m fine with these results lol

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2022.01.21 23:08 _MrYuri_ reference sheet commission for Bølt on twitter. did you like my art? I have commissions open for ref sheet, send me a dm if you're interested.

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2022.01.21 23:08 My-Witty-Username People who had or still have Covid, what do you wish people dropped off for you?

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2022.01.21 23:08 bucket--bot Oh hey 😏

just move your mind can have searche cats
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2022.01.21 23:08 New_Guarantee8960 Mais um dia em que me arrependo…

Essa falta de atitude misturada com uma vergonha extrema, fazem eu me arrepender mais um dia.
Estou em um resort e tem uma mina muito gata aqui, daquelas que você se arrepende armagamente se não for falar com ela. E depois de amanhã (domingo) vou embora, e pelo fato de eu ter uma vergonha extrema e pensar sempre no lado negativo (quem entrar no meu perfil e ver meu outro post vai entender), provavelmente não vou chegar e Com certeza me arrepender, então eu peço que alguma força milagrosa permita que eu consiga beijar ela pq ela é muito linda.
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2022.01.21 23:08 dollarstore_thor1997 Chapman Hollingworth bass?

I played one years ago at Guitar Center when I couldn't afford it, but fell in love. Haven't been able to find one for sale since I have finally got money to afford one. Anyone know where they may have one in stock or used? They don't seem to make them anymore.
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2022.01.21 23:08 ErtiSC Anybody Else?

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2022.01.21 23:08 Competitive-Shock623 Moon Knight Show Seems Inaccurate

Alright just to clarify, i know i am to early to judge but does anyone get the vibe that moon knight show is gonna be really inaccurate?
Not here to hate
Alright so let's start with my reasons here: Big moon knight fan here,watched the trailer of moon knight and well let's start
They made Marc Spector a teenager and made him a scared little kid? That ain't really who he is And the accent?Bruh his personality in the trailer doesn't resemble Marc,Jake or Steven Here he is like a random kid picked to be moon knight Also the cast is wrong
It keeps telling you something is haunting him,Khonshu wanting him to become moon knight at least that's how the trailer told me the plot,he doesn't get nightmares,hallucinations of moon knight
But moon knight is nothing without Bushman and Frenchie to and etc..One of the big reasons of why he exists is because of Bushman,Marlene and etc..
And here he seems to be getting idenity personality disorder just now but he had them as a kid The moon knight persona is the only thing that keeps him sane,it has been said in the comics,also he doesn't just magically transform into moon knight
Basically what i am saying is his origin story seems to be diffrent and i just hope mcu doesn't change it,if they do well r.i.p comics
Like i said i am probably to early to judge but that's how i feel at it right now
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2022.01.21 23:08 bobowife What concept needs a word?

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2022.01.21 23:08 nadzrul99 Be gentle..

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2022.01.21 23:08 Ill_Session_7150 Doctor nefardio plush! 🥶🥶

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