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Updated the meme

2022.01.22 00:05 Idekanymore548 Updated the meme

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2022.01.22 00:05 HowardJDuck Former Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards Announces House Bid for Old Seat

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2022.01.22 00:05 reddishMVP Jimmy the Butler serves up the W on a silver platter

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2022.01.22 00:05 NoFoodAfterMidnight New Ammo Website Features (Range Stuff, Recoil, Graph View)

Website Here
There's a lot of new changes to the Website, including several big changes to the chart itself
I've redesigned the ammo chart to reflect the recent changes this wipe:
Removed Armor Damage % This was a rarely useful stat, that I think confused a lot of people about what it represented or did. It was a modifier to the armor damage dealt to armor, but the base armor damage is based on the pen of the ammo more than anything. It was only ever useful for comparing two ammos with nearly the same pen to see which would destroy armor slightly faster. It confused people, it wasn't that useful, and I felt the chart was getting cluttered so it's gone now.
Added Recoil +/-% Ammo recoil hasn't actually worked properly until this wipe so it hasn't been relevant until now. It is in %. It is not a flat change.
Added Effective Range So this is a sort of made-up stat to give a good representation of damage falloff. This is the distance at which a bullet has lost 25% of its total damage and pen, measured in meters. This stat does not take into account changes to muzzle velocity from the gun. Muzzle velocity changes produce complicated changes in damage falloff, so don't go looking for increased velocity guns just for less damage falloff.
Added Maximum Headshot Distance This is the maximum distance at which a bullet can do 35 damage. This stat does not take into account changes to muzzle velocity from the gun.
These range stats were far more relevant a few days ago before they changed damage falloff, but they're still a nice to have I guess.
Here's a larger list of other features added over the last month:

The website is run by FiloDreamz, so thank him for the sick site.
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2022.01.22 00:05 everyonehatesjo FOUND A DOG

Found a beautiful dog in southeast Raleigh today. Near Raleigh Blvd and Newbern.
Please share if anyone has lost a dog and can describe it. She’s a beautiful animal and don’t want to give her up to the wrong family.
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2022.01.22 00:05 OctoViking A few questions on back-sweetening?

I started with an OG of 1.118 and ended up at 1.003. Mead Mate is saying 15%! I moved this over to a new jug to clear up and stabilize adding a campden tab and 1/2 tsp of K sorbate. I should have been watching it more closely to move it over earlier, but life got in the way. Tasting it it was pretty harsh but with some flavors that I kinda like, somewhat piney, hints of lemon, and some floral notes.
My first question is: When to back-sweeten? I used EC-1118 which supposedly can get to 18% but I think I should be good to go with the campden and the K sorbate in there. Or should I wait a day or two and remeasure my gravity?
My second question is: How much honey to add? I don't have a specific gravity target in mind, and I am not particularly picky, but I would like this to be a semi sweet kinda mead. I was thinking of starting with 1/2 lb honey, re-tasting, and going from there. Is that going to be too much?
Thanks again guys and gals! This sub has been so helpful on my first mead journey!
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2022.01.22 00:05 KrazyButter Stuck on connecting screen | xbox

I've been stuck on the connecting screen. I've tried power cycling, checking for updates. Everything. Nothing is working
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2022.01.22 00:05 lwc28 New to hermit crabs and lots of questions regarding substrate

My son is slowly putting together everything he needs before he gets some hermit crabs in the next few weeks. We want to get the tank ready and make sure we have the temperature and humidity correct and maintained before we bring them home. Right now we're getting ready to purchase substrate and my question is how to go about this as novices. So far I know we need the coconut fiber and sand, but my inclination is to purchase a prepared mix so we can see and feel what we should be looking for. If there isn't anything premixed, what brand of play/all purpose sand is best? Does it have to be prepared in some way prior to mixing it up? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 00:05 Extension-World-7041 NY state / NYC Medical Marijuana Program / REVIEWS ?

Currently a medical patient in CA. Will be moving back home to NYC within a year. My condition does qualify me in NY State. I am concerned about what type of products will be available to me and my freedom to purchase amounts as necessary. Can someone enlighten me as to what to expect ?
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2022.01.22 00:05 duinggrovee WTP for something is not as good as it's been reviewed or advertised?

This is a pretty simple phrase, like a phrasal verb or sth like that. Maybe it is not a p.v, but it does have a preposition...
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2022.01.22 00:05 Revolutionary-Put61 Hey there few days ago had my 40th birthday , splitting up with my ex before Christmas after being together for 16 year’s. Now if you’re female and a good dancer I here all night is on me x

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2022.01.22 00:05 Moon_Blossoms Wfl, fast!

Me: fr fg owl
Them: nfr frost fury, nfr crocodile, fr albino monkey
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2022.01.22 00:05 SirFloopy Harald Fireheart rallies the Dawnguard, kicks down the doors of Castle Volkihar, puts an end to Harkon's prophecy, and starts hunting for the last of the weird flotaing dust people

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2022.01.22 00:05 rosheromil Hollywood Sasha | Part III - True Blueprint

Hollywood Sasha | Part III - True Blueprint
Chapter 5: Showstealer Sasha has lost the title of 'lineal champion', and won’t get a chance at it again for at least another year until Evolution III. She holds her once-desired protege Tay Conti accountable and tells the whole women's locker room that she’s the reason why they can’t fight for that label in the near future. Banks repeats that she brought more recognition to this division than anyone ever thought was possible, and this is the gratitude she is shown. Then a familiar theme cuts her off. It’s former AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida! Shida is ranked no. 1 in the division, and tells Banks, right now she doesn’t care about any title other than the one that’s over Sasha’s shoulder. She wants payback for Sasha's did to her fellow Japanese women, Riho and Io Shirai, and a couple of months back, and she’ll get that chance, the chance to become the first-ever two-time AEW women's champion, at All Out!

AEW All Out '24
AEW Women's Championship – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Hikaru Shida
Banks needs to get back on the horse after her Evolution defeat, and now she finds herself up against a woman not only chasing history but chasing revenge. The AEW Womens Championship means more to Shida than any other, but Banks is keen to remind everyone that Evolution was just a fluke brought about by the involvement of Tay Conti. In her mind, she’s still the best around. Banks and Shida is a dream match to many. Two women who carried their respective divisions throughout the pandemic finally meet in a squared circle.
Halfway through the bout, Shida has Banks face first, with her head overhanging the apron. Shida charges at her from the floor on the outside looking for an Apron Knee Lift. The Boss avoids it and instead hits a Running Meteora off the apron as Shida turns back around. Back in the ring now, Sasha grabs Shida looking for a knee strike but Shida counters into a suplex! Banks staggers over to the corner. Shida hoists her over the turnbuckle, before heading back to the other corner. She runs looking for a corner knee lift but Banks reverses into a headscissors driver, followed by a running Meteora into the corner for a nearfall. Shida cuts off Banks offense and hits a Fireman's Carry Backbreaker, followed by a Shining Wizard! Her finishing move! 1…2…kickout!
Banks stays in it to the shock of many. Shida included. Shida signals for it again, this time removing her knee pad. She runs in but Banks rolls to the outside. She is on the apron and gets some separation with a knee strike. She then hits a springboard meteora! 1..2…kickout! Banks then shocks everyone, scooping Shida up for her own KOD. Shida lands on her feet, in front of Banks and hits a Falcon Arrow! 1..2…NO! As Shida regroups, Banks crawls to the ropes and reaches down to her title, still on the floor outside after an earlier incident in the match. Banks has it in her hands. Shida backs away. Aubrey tells Banks to drop it. Banks threatens to hit Shida, who braces for impact. Banks drops the belt and instead takes down Shida with a twilt-a-whirl-headscissors into the Banks Statement! Genius from the Blueprint! Shida tries to fight out but to no avail. She passes out and Aubrey has to sound for the bell! The winner of this match and still AEW Womens Champ, Sasha Banks!
AEW Womens Champion – Sasha Banks (c) def. Hikaru Shida (16:45)

Sasha still has a stranglehold on the AEW women's division, but boy is she making everyone look like a million bucks in defeat. And now she’s having to resort to cheap tactics to get the job done. After yet another big match thriller, Sasha holds a lot of claims to be the best women's worker in the world. But there’s someone who might oppose that. And it’s Sasha’s next opponent at Grand Slam, the woman of 1000 holds, Serena Deeb, who won the All Out Casino Battle Royal, last eliminating Tay Conti to get the chance. Deeb is going through her 2006 Kurt Angle face. By that I don’t mean she’s popped up on percocets, I mean that despite not really showing any babyface traits, she’s that good of a wrestler that fans love her regardless. She’s straight-to-the-point, fearless, and more than capable of twisting the Boss into a pretzel.
They meet in a sit-down interview with JR, where Banks tells Ji, that she isn’t concerned with someone who ‘couldn’t even make it in the diva’s era’ and says that whilst Serena is a woman of 1,000 holds, she only needs 1! And it’s a hold that’s found her more success than Deeb could ever dream of. Serena retorts saying the reason she ‘didn’t make it in the divas era’ is that she’s not a diva. She's not a self-obsessed celebrity wannabee like Banks, pointing out the irony that even though Sasha claims to have kickstarted the ‘womens’ revolution, she has ended up becoming the biggest diva of all. Serena has the chance to win her first AEW Women's Championship in New York at Grand Slam…

AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam ‘24
AEW Womens Championship – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Serena Deeb
When you give Banks a technician like Deeb to work with you are just asking for a wrestling clinic. AEW’s most attended show of the year sees Sasha and Serena face off for the first time. Deeb is looking to follow in the footsteps of Williams and win gold at Arthur Ashe. Meanwhile, Banks is looking to show that she is the only ace in the venue tonight. Get it, because it’s a tennis stadium. Serena Williams, ace, ok I’ll stop. Serena starts strong looking to serve out a beating. Ok, now I’ll stop. She grounds Banks with her technical prowess, and on a rare instance, the Blueprint finds herself being outwrestled.
After 8 minutes of back and forth, Serena flatens Banks with a powerbomb which Banks gets out of just at 2. Serena gets up to her feet. She sizes up the champion. She pulls out a very familiar hold in her arsenal that Banks knows all too well. It’s the Octopus Hold. Also known as Black Widow. The submission that AJ Lee made Sasha tap to during their famous segment on the eve of Evolution. Serena has it locked in! Banks uses her left arm to swipe Serena's leg from under her, now she’s got Deeb in position for a lock that she herself has experienced before, the Figure Four. The move of one of her greatest ever rivals. It’s now Serena’s turn to look for solutions. She does what everyone does to reverse the pressure by turning onto the front, but then she quickly lets go, and locks in a Stretch Muffler, bending Sasha’s knee backward around her head. The submission specialist has Sasha in trouble.
Banks rolls out thinking she's escaped by Serena still has hold of the left leg. She bounces it against the mat and locks in her most dangerous submission, the Serenity Lock, nullifying both the leg and the arm of the champ. Sasha manages to position her other side under the rope to break the hold. Serena gets her up and in position for the Deebtox. She hoists Banks up but Sasha plants her feet down on the landing. Inside cradle…1…..2…..no! Banks quickly readjust! Banks Statement. The woman of a 1000 holds meets the one that hardly anyone has been able to outlast in AEW. Banks has it in. Deeb becomes the first in AEW to counter it, however, and locks in the Serenity Lock yet again! Banks grabs the hair, pulling Deeb back for a quick pin..1…2…3! Banks does it! She retains when It looked like Serena had her number! A great exhibition of submission wrestling in New York.
AEW Women's Championship – Sasha Banks (c) def. Serena Deeb (15:34)

Chapter Six: Screw the Blueprint Sasha has seen off a host of AEW challengers, from Joshi's like Shida, to familiar foes like Soho to skilled specialists like Serena. Now all routes lead back to the two girls she tried to get on board early on in her reign. Girls who she thought were naïve, fame-hungry, and therefore manipulatable by a Hollywood star such as herself. These two are Anna Jay and Tay Conti. In fact, the Boss’ presence has caused their own friendship to break down over the months, with Anna becoming frustrated with Tay for even considering befriending the Blueprint. Even when Tay rejected Sasha’s friendship, the cracks were already there and the two crowd favorites have been unable to reunite since even facing each other on Dynamite with Anna Jay getting a surprise victory. With that victory, Anna is now the next in line for a world championship opportunity at the Boss. About that will go down on one of the four Saturday Fight Nights on TNT, AEW Miami Mayem!

Saturday Fight Night: AEW Miami Mayhem
AEW Women's Championship – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Anna Jay
Miami bears witness to what many presume will be a one-sided affair as the AEW Women's Champion Sasha Banks takes on unfancied challenger Anna Jay. But don’t question a woman with a purpose. And Anna Jay has that. She has to show the world, Tay Conti and herself that she was right ro not follow Banks’ blueprint, and instead forge her own path. Anna suprises Banks in the early going with a few dropkicks and suplexes. Banks knows she's in for a harder fight than expected. The Boss kicks things up a notch and turns the tide back in her favor after an impressive suicide dive senton bomb, used by one of her idols Rey Mysterio.
The finish sees Banks place Anna in the corner, looking for a patented metora. Anna stops her in her tracks with a clothesline. She irish whips Banks into the corner and follows with a spinning sidekick. Banks is down in the corner. Anna rolls in and connects with another kick. 1…2…Sasha kicks out! She gets Banks up looking for her short arm back kick, but Banks hits a backbreaker and gets her into the Banks Statement. Good night. Anna crawls to the rope but in the end, she has to tap after a spirited showing.
AEW Womens Championship – Sasha Banks (c) def. Anna Jay (10:23)

Banks doesn’t break the hold and this prompts the arrival of Tay Conti! Conti saves her former best friend Anna, staring down the champion. Sasha gets out of harm's way with her gold still intact but she knows she’s in the Brazillian’s sights. A couple weeks later at the Dynamite Anniversary, Tay wins the annual Casino Ladder Match to become the no. 1 contender to Sasha’s title. Finally, after months of being teased, Banks and Conti will finally go one on one for the gold at Full Gear!
They meet on the eve of the pay-per-view in a war of words. Banks tells Conti that she should have taken her advice all those months ago because now she’ll end up just like her friend Anna and every other woman who has stepped up to her in AEW. Conti reminds the Boss that Full Gear will mark three years since her first sot at the AEW Women's Championship. She can admit, she wasn’t ready then. But now she is, no blueprint needed. Sasha as always has to get one last word in, ‘you know Tay, you are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with. I gave you a chance to surround yourself with greatness but you don’t appreciate it when you see it. But then I should have known. When I was a little girl, every night I used to get on my knees and pray that one day I would be like my hero, my idol - Latino Heat. The difference between you and me is that when you get on your knees and you look up, the only Latino you see is some chump named Sammy Guevara'. Tay slaps Sasha and the fight is on. Sasha rolls out of the ring, with tempers high. When Sunday comes, the atmosphere will be at a fever pitch. Three years on from failure, Tay Conti has a chance to finally kick her career into full gear…

AEW Full Gear '24
AEW Women's Championship – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Tay Conti
It’s Women's Championship time at Full Gear. Tay arrives repping the flag of her homeland, eager to finally reach the heights that have always been talked about for her. Sasha makes a champions entrance to her Snoop Dogg theme. It’s go time. After the introductions, there is a buzz in the air. Conti has long been a favorite of the AEW faithful and in many's eyes the breakout star of the division. The crowd hopes that that breakout will come tonight. The Latina is usually all smiles but now she's focused. Over the last couple of years she has perfected her Brazillian jiu-jitsu style, translating it to the world of pro wrestling and now she is a deadly competitor up there with the very best.
In the early going she talks down the Boss with multiple Judo tosses. This sets the tempo for the rest of the match as Banks wrestles someone the likes of which she's never faced before and therefore can’t really plan for. In other words, the Blueprint doesn’t have a blueprint. Sasha does manage to use her wherewithal to counter Conti at some points. 10 minutes in she has Tay down in the corner looking for the double knees. Tay meets her with a Bicycle Knee Strike that flattens the Boss but only keeps her down for two. Tay sends Banks into the corner and hits not one but two more Bicycle Knee Strikes, followed by a Bicycle Kick! She then takes her down with another judo toss and locks in an armbar! Banks labours in the hold, as Tay torts the arm back. Banks rolls to her side breaking the submission by pinning Conti and forcing a kickout! But now Tay has a weakness to exploit. That’s the arm of the Boss.
She targets the arm with a couple of Tay Kicks in the corner. She brings a hurt Banks into the center. Shouting at her, getting out all her anger before knocking her down with a Latino kick! 1…2….kickout! So close for Tay. She picks Banks up looking for the Conti killer, but Banks rolls down into a crucifix pin…1….2…no! They both get up. Tay kicks Sasha in the midsection and looks for the DD-Tay, but Sasha grabs the arm spins around, and hits an armbreaker, followed by the Banks Statement! Tay manages to get up before the move is really locked in. She does what Belair managed to do at Evolution and hoist Banks up from the floor. Banks is on Tays back hanging on like a leech. Tay hits the Conti Killer! 1…2…kickout!
Tay needs to regroup. She gets Banks in position for the Tay-KO, but Banks doesn’t eat the knee, instead, she blocks and swipes Tays legs before dowing her with double knees to the face! The Boss scrambles to the top rope! She's looking for it…the Frig Splash connects! 1…2….KICKOUT! She can't believe it. She goes up high again. Looking for another, this time Tay gets up and has it scouted. She gets Banks off the top and hits the move from her Latino hero – the GTH! 1…2…NO! Tay sizes up Banks, looking for the DD-Tay as the fans cheer her on! This time Banks has it scouted, wait a minute…Bayley to actually I guess it’s a Banks to Belly! 1…2…NO! Neither woman will go down. This is a show-stealer!
Sasha argues with Aubrey Edwards the official saying it was a 3! She then slaps Aubrey and knocks her down. Sasha heads to the timekeeper's area and grabs her belt. She gets back in the ring. She looks like she's gonna hit Tay but then throws it at her and drops to the floor in Latino heat fashion. A recovered Aubrey doesn’t fall for it, but it distracts Tay long enough for the Boss to roll her up and then lock in the Banks Statement! It’s applied again! This time Tay doesn’t have the energy to power out. So she crawls and crawls and after moments of struggle, she makes it to the rope. But now she's out of it. Meanwhile, Sasha is out of ideas...
She picks up the title still in the ring. She’s gonna do what Tay stopped her from doing at Evolution. But wait- who's this from out of the crowd? It’s Anna Jay! She grabs the title from the apron pulling it away from Banks. Sasha shouts unpleasantries at the Queenslayer before turning into a Sasha turns into a Bicycle Kick from Tay! Conti picks her up…..DD-Tay!! 1…2….3! We have a new women’s champion! The reign of the Boss is over! A new star sits atop the division. Aubrey raises Conti’s hand as the Boss rolls out of the ring. She looks on hurt from the ramp as Tay Conti celebrates her crowning moment, reuniting with Anna Jay. Friendship prevails over false idols. And we have a new megastar in women's wrestling!
AEW Women's Championship – Tay Conti def. Sasha Banks (c) (22:45)
In the wake of what was a pretty significant passing of the torch moment at Full Gear, Sasha takes some time away from the ring, fulfilling commitments in Hollywood again. Meanwhile, AEW’s women's division has a new star in the form of Tay Conti, who as things stand is in line to compete for lineal champions status at Evolution III next summer. But first, she has a whole new set of challengers gunning for her gold to take care of.

Chapter 7: Who Started The Revolution? AEW Dynamite, February 2025
'Sasha Banks makes her return to Dynamite'
When Sasha Banks does return to AEW, it’s two months after dropping the title to Tay Conti at Full Gear. It’s announced beforehand and is hyped up her the directors at TBS, as their star signing comes back to the network. Sasha makes her way down to the ring, grabs a mic, and just as she's about to speak….This theme song plays. It’s CM Punk! What's the Best in the World doing out here? Punk gets in the ring opposite Sasha. And no, don’t worry, no gendered crimes are being committed here. Punk introduces himself to Sasha saying they’ve never really had the chance to meet. He praises Sasha for all that she's done saying it took balls to leave the WWE when she did and step out into the real world. ‘Hell, I tried it and you certainly did better than me’ he jokes. 'But you see Sasha, along the way you’ve pissed a lot of people off. You’ve pissed off the majority of that locker room, you’ve pissed off the real boss Tony Khan, and seven months ago, you pissed off someone I hold very dear to me. You pissed off my wife'...
'In fact, you told her that she, just like me, was way far past her prime to lay a hand on you. What I know about my wife better than anybody is that when she gets challenged about something, believe me, she’ll go above and beyond to stand up for herself. You found that out the hard way back in the summer Sasha but I'm afraid it's gonna get a lot harder. Because after that day, April told me that she wanted to train again. (crowd pops) Sasha, you gave her the itch, the itch that I had four years ago. For the last few months, I’ve watched as she's trained her ass off to get back into fighting shape. And Sasha I’ll say this to you, I’ll say it to these people, I’ll tell the world that it’s time'…. He leans in and whispers….'it’s clobbering time’.
Music that sounds familiar to this tune plays through the arena…AJ is here!! She walks down to the ring, as Punk watches with a proud, beaming smile on his face. Sasha can’t quite comprehend it. He hands his wife the mic before leaving down the ramp. She soaks in the adulation. ‘What do you say, Boss, you wanna step in the ring with the true Blueprint? I have an idea, she smiles. Sasha Banks…AJ Lee…. You think you started the women's revolution, it's only fitting that in my hometown Chicago, on March 1st…you step in the ring with the woman who really did…’ Mic drop. The crowd chant YES! repeatedly as AJ walks skips back down the ramp… In the coming weeks, Sasha Banks accepts the challenge. Tony Khan and AEW make it official. AJ Lee will step back into a wrestling ring for the first time in 10 long years in a match that fans have anticipated for well, 10 long years, ever since Sasha Banks made her name in the industry. Two of the pioneers of modern women’s wrestling, two trailblazers, two GOATs, meet on pay-per-view in the second city at the aptly named Revolution event!

AEW Revolution ‘25
Sasha Banks vs AJ Lee
As far as dream matches in women's wrestling go, you don’t get much bigger than this. After being insulted by Banks half a year ago, AJ Lee has been inspired to get back into a squared circle after a decade away. But even after the absence, she’s still only in her mid 30’s and ready to prove she still has it. Banks enters first, being guided to the ring by awaited paparazzi. AJ skips down to the ring like a badass. Before the match gets underway the atmosphere is wild and the noise is at a fever pitch. Some fans chant for the Boss, but a majority chant for the returning AJ. ‘Let's go Sasha! Let's go AJ!’ rings around the Wintrust Arena.
The bell sounds…it’s on! AJ rushes and takes down Sasha with a Lou Thesz Press and nails her with punches from the get-go to a big pop from the crowd. Banks looks flustered as she finds separation. AJ gets the usual ‘you’ve still got it’ chants after a few arm drags in the early moments. The match then evens out in the opening stages, with Sasha controlling the tempo against her more unpractised opponent. This is highlighted when AJ attempts a spinning back kick only for the Boss to have it scouted. She catches it and hits a knee strike of her own, before showing off to the fans. She runs at AJ in the corner hitting the double knees. AJ rolls onto the outside and here comes the Boss again with a Suicide Dive! She raises her arms up at the crowd..’You really thought she could hang with the Boss huh?’’ Sasha says.
Sasha rolls AJ back in the ring, she goes up high looking for a Meteora off the top. AJ ducks and Sasha rolls to the other side. AJ runs at her, connecting with a corner splash, followed by a backbreaker! 1..2…kickout by Banks! As she goes to get up, Banks pulls her back down hair first. Banks makes her way up to her feet. She runs at AJ but gets caught with an impactful spinning kick to the jaw! AJ grabs Banks by her own hair, pulling her back up. She gets her in position for the Shiranui/sliced bread in the corner but as she scales the turnbuckles Banks counters with a huge backbreaker…followed by, you guessed it, the Bank Statement! AJ is in danger of fading. She cant end her big return like this. Somehow she just manages to get to the bottom rope. The fans cheer. Banks regroups. Wait a minute, she signals for a ‘GTS’ to the crowd, mocking AJ’s husband. She goes for the move but AJ wriggles into the…Black Widow! Sasha is caught. The Boss falls to her knees as AJ really synchs it in. The atmosphere is electric. Banks makes her way and just manages to get under the rope with an outstretched leg. The ref forces the break. AJ is fatigued, as she gets up to her feet, Sasha uses the ropes to get up. And when she does she walks into….the Go To Sleep! The Chicago crowd is unglued. 1…2….NOOOO! That had to be it Somehow the Boss survives.
AJ stays mentally strong, even though she's thrown everything at the Boss but to no prevail, She goes to lock in the Black Widow once more but Sasha avoids it, taking AJ down with a headscissors, looking for the Banks Statement. This time AJ quickly shuts it down. It’s a stand-off as the fans applaud. More trash talk from the boss as she looks for a slap. AJ slaps her back. She looks for another GTS but the Boss has it scouted, getting out of it and hitting a Banks to Belly! She heads to the corner, up to the top rope…Frog Splash! 1…2….3! Sasha does it! The Boss prevails. She gets her hand raised as she has a more modest expression on her face. AJ gets up to her feet to big applause. Sasha goes over to her and picks her up…Sasha thinks about it, and then just points at AJ…’it was you’ she says, as she gives credit for her efforts to kickstart the women's revolution. AJ grabs the pointing hand of Sasha’s and raises it as the crowd cheer. The two trailblazers embrace in a heartwarming moment. The semantics of who and what kickstarted this new era of women's wrestling are deemed unimportant. A decade ago, both of these ladies played their part in inspiring a generation of females to lace up their boots and make a difference. And it's fitting that they stand in the ringside by side, having just done it again tonight…
Sasha Banks def. AJ Lee (20:34)

The End
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2022.01.22 00:05 No-Leopard8646 You got 30 min to hide a pen from a detective. If he doesn’t find it you get $1,000,000. Where would you hide it?

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