Is headspace Aubrey a tomboy or a girly girl?

2022.01.21 22:43 BusSuspicious7561 Is headspace Aubrey a tomboy or a girly girl?

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2022.01.21 22:43 MachineGunInk [SPOILERS] The Definitive Guide to Ozark Season 4 Part 1's Intro Graphics

This fucking season shook me man
As with before, Each episode starts out with an O and four symbols inside of it. Not only does each symbol foreshadow the events of that episode, they also each form a letter in the word O-Z-A-R-K.
Aight lets go
SEASON 4 Part 1
The Beginning of the End
Z: Pool Float
After Ruth buys their old place of work the Lazy-O Motel, Wyatt and his brother Three play in the motel pool to celebrate. During this, Jonah, upset by Ben’s Death and furious at his mom, rides up on his bike and tells Ruth that he is willing to launder money for them.
A: Pastries
Omar’s nephew Javi Elizondro brings pastries during his first meeting with Marty and Wendy in the Ozarks. He questions them about stopping Darlene from producing heroin, but they say they can’t do much because of John being the sheriff.
R: Motel Room Key
Ruth ends up buying the Lazy-O Motel to help Darlene launder money for her operation. She also tries to steal Marty’s laundering software too but finds that she has been fired and replaced by Charlotte as the casino manager.
K: Piñata
Omar throws a party at his compound after his son’s second baptism, during which he introduces Javi to Marty and Wendy. He also tasks them with helping him negotiate a deal with the FBI to allow him to walk away from his criminal life.
Let the Great World Spin
Z: Prayer Beads
Omar is in the confessional with his priest when Marty tries to call him about Maya. Omar calls back afterwards to question Marty about the deal and says that he would like to meet her to talk about it.
A: Cleaning Products
Javi enlists Marty to help him clean up Helen’s house after Javi killed John and forced the Byrdes to cremate him. Right when they finish up, the new sheriff Leigh Guerrero shows up to investigate John’s disappearance. She sees Marty there and asks him to leave.
R: Molecule
Marty and Wendy meet with Clare to try to get her to donate to their foundation. Clare is hesitant at first, but Marty and Wendy tempt her by saying they can help cut the cost of the opium she needs if she can donate half to the charity.
K: Computer Parts
Jonah buys a bunch of computer parts to help him build a money laundering system for Ruth. Marty and Wendy see them getting delivered and question him, and to spite them he tells them exactly what he’s doing.
City on the Make
Z: Oyster and Lemon
The Byrdes and Javi eat oysters at a fancy restaurant in Chicago, where he starts to hit on Charlotte. This scene is also intercut with the FBI raiding a truck carrying guns. During the dinner Javi gets a call that his gun shipment was intercepted, raising his suspicions.
A: Bolt Cutters
The FBI use bolt cutters to unlock a truck carrying a gun shipment. Marty overheard Javi talking about it and told Omar that he could use that information as leverage for Maya’s deal. He gives Omar Maya’s number so he can call her himself.
R: Chinese Food
The Byrdes are eating Chinese food when Charlotte brings how Erin called her asking her about Helen. Charlotte says she needs to talk to her in person, and as a result they all decide to return to Chicago for a short bit. Jonah though elects to stay behind to work on laundering.
K: Flasks
Marty and Javi meet with Clare so she can test the quality of the sample of opium the Navarro Cartel gave her. Clare has extreme reservations about the deal, which are exacerbated when Javi tells her who he is. Later Wendy tries to calm her nerves by telling her it will help her later.
Ace Deuce
Z: Framed Pictures
Wendy’s dad Nathan’s house is filled with pictures of the family when he is interviewed by private investigator Mel Sattem. Mel was looking for clues on Ben’s whereabouts, and he tells Nathan that his son is missing, and Wendy has been saying he had a drug addiction on TV.
A: Gravestone and Shovel
After her companion celebrity chef Kerry Stone overdoses, she is driven back to Darlene’s place by his driver Brinkley Simmons. Brinkley tries to blackmail Darlene, but she kills him and makes Wyatt and Ruth bury him. Wyatt is traumatized by the ordeal, and Ruth tries to comfort him.
R: Bag of Heroin and Spoon
Ruth is out gambling with Kerry when he ends up overdosing on Darlene’s heroin, with which he had made a deal with Ruth to distribute. He falls down the stairs and almost dies but is saved by Ruth. As a result, Marty and Wendy ban her from the casino.
K: Goat Head
Ben’s ashes are kept in a goat-shaped cookie jar by Ruth. She is sitting with them when Marty comes over to apologize for being harsh with her. He also offers to buy up the heroin off of Ruth, since Javi is refusing to deliver opium because he is paranoid about moles.
Z: Game Controllers
Ruth, Marty, and Clare’s guard Connor go to get the heroin Darlene sold back from drug dealers, one of whom is playing a game. During this Connor is about to storm the place when Marty steals his gun to stop him from getting Ruth killed.
A: Heartbeat
Darlene goes to confront Wendy about John’s disappearance and the posters when Wendy snaps and manages to intimidate Darlene. The combined stress of everything causes Darlene to have a heart attack, with Wendy waiting for a bit before calling 911.
R: Honey Bottle
Darlene is selling honey at the farmer’s market with Wyatt when he leaves to talk to Charlotte, who tells him to take Ben’s missing posters down. Jonah also stops by and Darlene yells at him for telling his parents about the posters, and he tells her what happened to John.
K: File
Wendy visits Maya to get a file for former senator Randall Schafer, whose son is a federal judge wrapped up in wire fraud. This is to help convince him to become a board member of the Byrde Foundation. Maya also talks to Wendy about Omar’s deal and says Marty could be an FBI agent.
Sangre Sobre Todo
Z: Bottle Cap
Jonah talks to Ruth about her working with Marty again, along with her no longer working for Darlene. Ruth tells him to continue laundering for Darlene, and during the conversation he has trouble opening a bottle of beer until she helps him out.
A: Fruit
Darlene is handling fruit when Frank comes by and demands that she pay him everything she owes him. He had pulled out of distributing her heroin and also found out she was dealing to his son behind his back. Darlene snaps and ends up killing him with her shotgun.
R: Coffee
After confirming a body that was found wasn’t Ben’s, Wendy offers to take Nathan to a diner to get some coffee. While there they have a passive aggressive conversation about how Wendy had abandoned the family and why Ben went missing.
K: Stethoscope
Darlene is in the hospital being checked by doctors after her heart attack. She tells Wyatt to not work with Ruth anymore, and later Wendy stops by to demand that Jonah would stop working for her.
Z: Campfire
After Maya suddenly arrests Omar, everyone is in a scramble to fix everything. After being beaten and almost killed by Javi, Marty talks to Ruth in front of a campire at her place and asks her to get Jonah and Charlotte to safety should anything happen to him.
A: Wedding Rings
In order to prevent Social Services from taking Zeke, Wyatt decides to marry Darlene. They hold the wedding at their place, with Three being the only one in attendance. Immediately afterwards both of them are shot and killed by Javi.
R: Christmas Tree
Omar arrives at an abandoned mall covered in Christmas decorations with Nelson to negotiate his deal with the FBI, offering to give up Javi along with his entire operation. The FBI blindsides everyone though when they insist that Omar kill him instead and stay as cartel leader.
K: Person with a Shotgun
Ruth finds Darlene and Wyatt’s bodies and has a mental breakdown, first accusing Frank Jr and then driving to the Byrde’s house with a shotgun in order to find out who killed them. Jonah tells her it was Javi, and she drives off to find him.
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2022.01.21 22:43 soulslayer434 Bare Fists Only No Hit Old Monk, Leechmonger, Dirty Colossus - Demon's Souls PS5 Remake

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2022.01.21 22:43 beeMOB909 Looking for help with all heists from start to finish im taking 0% final cut

I have more money than i can spend and all facilities. I dont care about the money just want to do the stories and see the cut scenes basically if any new players out there that want to help or just anyone that needs money lmk and we can do them im on pc and my social club is erniebee93 if u wanna add me
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2022.01.21 22:43 TryAgainChief69 Name mixup? Name tag says Glenn, but Darryl said his name was Michael in the roast episode. Never noticed this before

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2022.01.21 22:43 spartanpgu Pretty nice box of Topps Chrome - heavy on the Mountcastle

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2022.01.21 22:43 Fun-Apartment2668 Boy was I wrong

So I started playing about a year ago(?) and have seen so many posts about how toxic the community is/had become. Up to this weekend for trials I haven't come across it at all. So I solo queue up since I don't have a team and HOLY CRAP! Losses back to back to back. I'm not having a good day. But what makes it worse? Getting friends thinking oh hey they wanna new friend or squad up. NOPE!! All to just send hate messages for no reason! From people I was teamed with or the enemy team. Like guys fucking chill. We all have bad games and especially when it's someone like me who solos into a two stack against a three stack calm the hell down. I can't read your minds about how you play or what's gonna happen in the match. I MAINLY PLAY FOR THE LOOT!!! Yes it's a more "competitive" mode than your regular quick play but again. Chill. It's just a game. Yes flawless would be awesome especially since I've never been but get over it with the toxicity. Some of us have bad games or aren't that great in general. Don't need to be a dick about it
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2022.01.21 22:43 TopHatFellow If anybody would be willing to write me some dialogue for some different characters that would be super helpful I’m having a few problems

I’m about to run a game but I’m having a problem for a few of the more well articulated/ancient godlike characters because every time I try to write dialogue for them it sounds too much like me talking i was thinking it would be a good idea if I could possibly get a third-party to create some interesting lines for these guys following my basic template.
1.An ancient lovecraftian horror warning a traveler of the assured demise they will meet within the forest he is standing at the head of
2.A demon gambler trying to trick someone into gambling away their soul

  1. An old mimic that makes up the basement of a tavern and once entered locks the player inside and asks for an offering token as tribute
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2022.01.21 22:43 Zygris I guess I'm just that good...

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2022.01.21 22:43 karto2287 Wtf who falling for that 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

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2022.01.21 22:43 Responsible-Skirt257 Why does the game keep asking me to update?

Every time I open the game it tells me to go to the app store and update. I don’t know why it still has the ‘Update’ tab in the app store when I’ve downloaded it three times now. The blue dot shows up next to the name which is proof of the game updating. I don’t know why this is happening, but I’ve been hearing a lot of technical difficulties about this game recently. Is there any solution?
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2022.01.21 22:43 XIIXOO China brings back anal swab testing for Covid in world’s most brutal lockdown two weeks before Winter Olympics begin

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2022.01.21 22:43 Ok-Bed-4894 Feel free to drop by this other totally new subreddit

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2022.01.21 22:43 Code-Neo Im new to make doom mods and would like some advice and direction

Im finally done with school so i want to start making doom mods as my 1st step in video game development. Its my dream to have some role in the industry even if its small. I made a small doom mod just a short hall way to get things started. My end goal is to make a mods based on my favorite stuff like rwby, persona 5, fallout, and my own stories. My 1st intention is to make a maze like mod of doom where the doom guy is trapped in a complex and trying to escape with a time limit attached like in metroid when samus is escaping the planet when it blows up, no monsters to fight or anything just moving as fast as he can to survive. Any tips and advise. i watched a video about it what i need to start making it. i have doom 2 via gog, gzdoom, and ultimate doom builder. i would like to know how to make photos into in game textures and enemies as well as import music.
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2022.01.21 22:43 MainDepth Extracting normals from a mesh

Hi, I've been using blender for roughly a year, I recently came across the concept of extracting normal maps from 3d mesh. Are there any easy to follow tutorials to follow
thank you o
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2022.01.21 22:43 Full_Conference_2175 Catra's Feet

Why do you all love Catra's Feet so much? They look like big huge human feet with claws. Cat feet are not supposed to look like that!
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2022.01.21 22:43 fangfried Is Trae Young a top 10 player yet?

Obviously I have homer bias. He’s been playing like he deserves a 1st Team All NBA bid albeit it’s a good race between him, Steph, Ja, and Luka. The top ten players have to include KD, Giannis, Lebron Jokic, Embiid, Steph, and Luka. Harden and Dame seem to have dropped out. You could put Kawhi in assuming he would play like he did last year. AD isn’t a top ten player anymore imo. There’s still two spots left. I think Trae being top 5 in points and assists deserves a spot. Ja is in the discussion. Maybe one of the Bulls duo rounds it out. There’s also Booker and Tatum, but I think Trae is currently playing at a level they aren’t at. He’s scoring more at a solid TS% and is much better at facilitating and running an offense.
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2022.01.21 22:43 Mofax Boycotting NSO Expansion Pack ~ Let's Play Banjo-Kazooie on a real Nintendo 64! 9pm EST

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2022.01.21 22:43 Calipso_1 My Bestfriends Cousin

I a 22 year old female, am in love with my bestfriends cousin. Here's a little back story first. Throughout the years I've always dated the same type of guy. They were the ones who draw you in by their sarcastic attitudes. So, essentially assholes. I never received the love I put out. It was always I'm never enough, not girlfriend material, and I'm not feminine enough. Then I met my best friends cousin, a 22 year old male, who is the complete opposite of "my type." I was currently with the ex that cheated on me. But we instantly clicked just didn't know it at the time. A year passed and we met up at a bar with my three bestfriends. We danced and flirted all night. After the bar we continued the party at my bestfriends house. We both may have gotten drunk off our asses. Then one thing led to another and we slept together. After this I was left with all these feelings for him because he is not only a great person but is not selfish in bed either. Once I left my bestfriends house we only talked every few weeks. On my bestfriends birthday a few months later we all went to the movies. He and I sat and talked throughout the movie. When we got back to the house we cuddled that night but nothing else happened. I again left my bestfriends house leaving even more confused than last time. I finally worked up the courage to ask him what we were. He responded that he thinks I'm cool and fun to be around but he's not looking for a relationship. Now, his backstory doesn't help with the confusion. His dad isn't in the picture so he has always lived in a single parent household. He looks up to his mom a lot. My bestfriend, his cousin, says that said cousin will always be comfortable being alone. So, am I the asshole for wanting to know if I should move on and never look back. The thing is I have never felt like this before. Help
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2022.01.21 22:43 Closetedcousin Another reason to keep the Sabbath day holy...

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2022.01.21 22:43 PI_4551 Stats 101 to 108 transferability

I did stats 101 last year as part of a psych major, but this year I'm swapping to property, which has stats 108 as a pre-requisite, afaik, they're basically the same course, but I can't find any information on whether I'm gonna have to retake it under the 108 code or not. Has anyone had any experience with this, or knows who to contact about this? Tyvm!!
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2022.01.21 22:43 CodenameX47 What are the best questions to ask your crush to keep it fun and interesting (not sex...) ?

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2022.01.21 22:43 Ill_Soil_5099 Could you call this a poem? Note to self 5:

Help.. I’m weak and whittled We’re trying and no one is at fault
But what do I do when all I can say is help What can I do when you’re beside me like this. Hearing this. What can I do when I know it happens
What can I do What can I do What can I do What can I do for you
What can I do for us
What can I do for me
I am nothing but a rope bridge. Aren’t you afraid of falling through me? Through my errors as I try to hold strong. Aren’t you scared because I am.
Help.. a manual.. a mechanic.. a wildlife professional, anything. Help.. I am weak and brittle.
Repeatedly being told I am a brick and so I play the part but this brick has built enough mental strength to be a body builder..
I don’t like the way my brain behaves. I don’t like the way their grimy shoes create paths in my bridge.
Yeah.. I guess there’s benefits to being this worn.. but you know.. it still aches.
It aches when my mind removes the rope. It aches when you’re floating on my wood planks, making it to safety. It aches when I don’t understand how it’s possible; it’s uncomfortable.
It’s so uncomfortable to be this way.. help.
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2022.01.21 22:43 rskincaretrends Skincare store popularity on Reddit (by # of mentions)

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2022.01.21 22:43 Timelord7771 Pioneer Horizons

If WOTC ever decides to do to Pioneer what they did to Modern what are some of the cards that you'd like to see printed? For me, it'd be
WHITE: Worship
BLUE: Accumulated Knowledge
BLACK: Damnation
RED: Lightning Bolt
GREEN: Garruk Wildspeaker
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